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Pink Tennessee Coneflower

Pink Tennessee Coneflower
Photo by Todd Ratermann

Common Name: Pink Tennessee Coneflower
Scientific Name: Echinacea tennesseensis
Family: Asteraceae
This is a native flower to the southeast and the state of Tennessee. It is on the federal Endangered Species list and was thought extinct until the 1960's. Now still listed as endangered in the wild, but it is also propagated for gardeners.

This particular Pink Tennessee Coneflower is growing in my garden. I bought the original from Burgess Falls nursery in Cookeville. It didn't bloom the first year maybe since I didn't get it into the ground until June or so. This year the plant coming out of the ground is 3 - 4 times larger than what it reached last year.

Pink Tennessee Coneflower will reach a height of up to 30" and the flowers are about 3" across. The pink flowers attract butterflies, bees and other useful insects. It's native habitat is well drained grasslands in full sun.

Check your local garden center for starter plants, or you can order some Tennessee coneflower seeds from the links to the right.



Tennessee Coneflower
Photo by Todd Ratermann


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