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Camping and Backpacking Stoves

Below is variety of Camping and Backpacking Stoves available  to order. For ordering information or additional information about each stove simple click the "More Information" button below the photograph. Also check this additional page for more camping gear.

MSR WindPro Stove

MSR WindPro StoveThe MSR WindPro Stove will let you stop worrying about the wind when using fuel canisters instead of liquid fuel.


MSR  XGK EX StoveMSR's XGK camp stove builds on its already phenomenal legacy. For more than three decades, the XGK has been the stove of choice for expeditions worldwide, providing mountaineers with reliable, all-condition performance.


MSR SimmerLite Stove

MSR SimmerLite StoveThe SimmerLite is the smallest, lightest liquid fuel stove on the market weighting only 8 ounces. The compact SimmerLite fits nicely in a 1L pot and is great for simmering sauces and melting snow.


MSR WhisperLite International Stove

MSR WhisperLite International StoveTo keep up with globetrotting adventurers who want to get around unencumbered, MSR made a multi-fuel burning version of the WhisperLite Shaker Jet Stove.

Package MSR WhisperLite Stove and Cookset Package

Package MSR WhisperLite Stove and Cookset PackageBuy the MSR Whiperlite Stove and MSR Blacklite Gourmet Cookset, and save.

Brunton Raptor Stove

Brunton Raptor StoveThe Brunton Raptor Stove folds down small but unfolds three arms into a good-sized platform for big pots.

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