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Basic First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is essential for all outdoor activities. The following list makes a nice kit for everything from a picnic or fishing trip to a 5 day back trip. Here is an alphabetical, comprehensive list of items that I think should be included in any good Kit.

Rainbow Falls - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Photo by Todd Ratermann
If there is a first aide item you think we should add to the list or to just ask a first aid kit related question visit this post in out outdoor discussion forums. You can also check the following link for details on buying a first aid kit.
  • Ace Bandage: 3" wide roll
  • Alcohol Wipe 3 packs
  • Aspirin or Tylenol: 12-24 tablets
  • Antihistamine: 12 -24 tablets
  • Antacid: small roll
  • Band aids: 6-12 of various sizes
  • Butterfly Band aids: 6-12 various sizes or Steri-Strip bandages.
  • Cotton Swabs: 20-30 in waterproof container
  • Decongestants: 12-20 tablets
  • Duct Tape - 12" - 24" can be folded or wrapped around medicine bottle
  • Gauze Pads: 4"x4" 6-12, 4"x8" or 5"x9" 2-3
  • Latex Gloves
  • Lighter: mini Bic
  • Moleskin: Large patch
  • Needles (2): sewing needle
  • Prescription Drugs: As needed
  • Razor Blade: single edge
  • Scissors: small pair
  • Sterile Ointment: small tube or packs. Can also be used to help start a fire.
  • Surgical Tape: 1 roll
  • Face Mask: (4)
  • Steri-Strip: 6-12 various sizes or Butterfly band aids
  • Telephone numbers: List of emergency numbers
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers


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