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KDFWR to Stock Largemouth Bass Fingerlings in Kentucky River

June 15, 2005

Frankfort, Ketucky - The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) will provide a one-time, supplemental stocking of 52,000 largemouth bass fingerlings in the Kentucky River this Thursday, June 16.

KDFWR Fisheries Assistant Director Gerry Buynak says that this stocking is a result of having additional bass available from the Peter W. Pfeiffer Hatchery that were produced this spring.

"We produce largemouth and other species at the Pfeiffer Hatchery for various stocking needs, including for the farm pond stocking program the agency offers to landowners," said Buynak.

"This spring, we had some excess fingerlings and will be releasing those fish in pools 13 and 14 of the Kentucky River," said Buynak.

This portion of the river is located in the Beattyville / Heidelberg area.

"Last year we stocked excess largemouth bass fingerlings in several pools of the lower Kentucky River. We believe that this is a good use of our excess production since the natural largemouth bass spawn in the river was likely below average last year and this year due to high spring water levels," Buynak noted.

The stocked bass will be about one and a half inches long, so it will take a few years for anglers to see an increase in catchable size largemouth in these waters. Buynak points out this stocking is not an event that will occur each year. Instead, it is meant to give these fisheries a shot in the arm using surplus stock which is occasionally available.

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