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Kentucky Smallmouth Bass Streams

The following list of streams where smallmouth bass can be found. This list was originally generated by Kentucky Fish & Wildlife and has been modified and sorted into floatable and non-floatable streams.

Stream County Miles Float? Location
Barren River Allen, Monroe 26.0 Yes
Beaver Creek Barren 7.0 Yes  
Beech Fork Nelson, Washington 51.7 Yes Mouth to KY 458 - Mt. Zion Road bridge crossing
Big Pitman Green 22.0 Yes
Big South Fork Marion 18.0 Yes  
Bracken Creek Bracken 12.4 Yes Mouth to AA Hwy
Brashears Creek Spencer, Shelby 25.9 Yes Mouth the to confluence of Bullskin and Clear creeks
Buck Creek Pulaski 12.5 Yes KY 80 Bridge to KY 192
Clear Creek Warren 6.0 Yes
Clear Fork Whitley 19.0 Yes TN line to mouth
Crocus Creek Cumberland 14.0 Yes
Cumberland River Harlan 18.6 Yes Bell/Harlan Co. line to confluence of Martins and Clover Fork
Cumberland River Whitley to Bell 116.0 Yes Cumberland Falls to Harlan Co.
Dix River (tailwater) Garrard 30.0 Yes Herrington Lake to KY 39 bridge crossing
Dix River Lincoln 30.0 Yes Brodhead to Herington Lake
Drakes Creek Warren 23.0 Yes  
Drennon Creek Henry 4.9 Yes Mouth to the confluence of Emily Run
Eagle Creek Grant, Owen, Gallatin, Carroll 40.7 Yes Mouth to Jonesville Road bridge crossing
Chaplin River Washington, Nelson, Mercer 79.3 Yes Mouth of KY 1941 - New Dixville Road bridge crossing
Elkhorn Creek (mainstem) Franklin 18.2 Yes From Forks of Elkhorn to Kentucky River
Fallen Timber Creek Barren 6.0 Yes From the Mouth of Skaggs Creek upstream to Ky Highway 90 bridge
Floyds Fork Jefferson, Bullitt 35.2 Yes Mouth to the KY 148 bridge crossing
Gasper River Warren 21.0 Yes From the back waters of Barren River to the Warren County line
Green River Adair 10.0 Yes Immediately below Green River Lake
Green River Adair 12.0 Yes Immediately above Green River Lake
Green River Green, Taylor 62.0 Yes From the Hart County line to Green River Lake
Hanging Fork Boyle 15.9 Y/N Mouth to confluence of Knoblick Creek
Harrods Creek Oldham 6.0 Yes  
Hickman Creek Jessamine 9.0 Yes First nine miles from mouth upstream
Hinkston Creek Bourbon 12.0 Yes Ruddels Mill to Millersburg
Hungry Creek Allen 3.0 Yes  
Kinniconick Creek Lewis 38.0 Yes Mouth to Cassity Hollow area
Laurel Fork Lewis 9.6 Yes Mouth to Staggs Br.
Levisa Fork River Pike 126.0 Yes Louisa KY to KY/WV/VA state line
Licking River Pendleton 40.0 Yes KY 536 bridge to Fallmouth- confluence with North and South Fork Licking
Licking River Bracken, Harrison, Nicholas, Pendelton, Robertson 57.2 Yes De Mossville to Blue Licks Battlefield State Park vic.
Little Barren River Green 21.0 Yes From the mouth at Green River upstream to the Green County line
Little Barren River Metcalfe 7.0 Yes  
Little South Fork McCreary 14.5 Yes 92 Bridge to mouth
Locust Creek Bracken 6.6 Yes Mouth to Wagel Rd vic.
Long Creek Allen 3.0 Yes
Middle Fork Red River Powell 9.0 Yes Mouth to Natural Bridge State Park area
Middle Fork Drakes Creek Allen, Warren 21.0 Yes  
Middle Fork KY River Leslie 21.7 Yes Hurricane Creek to Intersection of Rt. 1780 and 2058 at Spruce Pine
North Fork KY River Letcher 15.5 Yes Letcher/Perry Co. line to Whitesburg KY
North Fork Elkhorn Creek Fayette, Scott, Franklin 65.9 Yes Forks of Elkhorn to KY 1962 Lemons Mill Road bridge crossing
North Fork Triplett Creek Rowan 6.7 Yes I 64 bridge to Sportsman Club Rd.
Peter Creek Barren 6.0 Yes
Pinchgut Creek Allen 6.0 Yes  
Puncheon Creek Allen 4.0 Yes  
Red River Clark, Estill, Menifee, Powell, Wolfe 65.0 Yes Clay City to Lee City
Red River Logan, Simpson 33.0 Yes  
Redbird River Clay 12.0 Yes Daniel Boone Parkway to mouth
Rockcastle River Laurel, Pulaski, Rockcastle 45.0 Yes Middle/South Forks to Lk Cumb
Rolling Fork Hardin, Nelson, Larue, Marion 46.0 Yes KY 434 bridge crossing to KY 84 Howardtown Road bridge crossing
Russell Creek Adair, Green 54.0 Yes  
Russell Fork Pike 16.2 Yes Levisa Fork to VA state line
Salt River Anderson, Spencer, Bullitt 46.0 Yes Shepardsville to Taylorsville Dam - headwaters of Taylorsville Lake to US 62 bridge
Severn Creek Owen 3.0 Yes Mouth to the confluence with North Severn Creek
South Elkhorn Franklin, Woodford, Fayette 20.0 Yes Forks of the Elkhorn to KY 341 bridge crossing
South Fork Cumberland McCreary 14.5 Yes Tennessee line to Lake Cumberland
South Fork Licking River Bourbon, Harrison 65.0 Yes Mouth to confluence of Stoner Ck. (Ruddles Mill - Bourbon Co.)
South Fork Licking River Pendleton, Harrison, Bourbon 65.8 Yes Fallmouth - confluence with licking river to KY 1893 bridge crossing
South Fork of Kentucky Clay & Owsley 31.0 Yes Redbird River to Owsley/Lee line
Stoner Creek Bourbon, Clark 55.0 Yes Mouth to KY 1961 in Clark Co.
Sixmile Creek Henry 8.0 Yes Mouth to KY 573, Woods Pike bridge crossing
Skaggs Creek Barren 19.0 Yes  
Slate Creek Bath, Montgomery 36.0 Yes Mouth to KY 1331 bridge crossing (Howards Mill area)
Trammel Creek Allen, Warren 32.0 Yes  
Triplett Creek Rowan 15.0 Yes Mouth to Christy Creek confluence area
Tug Fork River Pike 65.0 Yes Warfield KY to KY/WV/VA state line
Tygarts Creek Carter, Greenup 33.5 Yes Warnock to US 60 in Olive Hill
West Fork Simpson 19.0 Yes
West Fork Warren 5.0 Yes
Beaver Creek McCreary 2.2 No Dry Branch to mouth
Beaver Creek Wayne 7.0 No Sumpter to KY 90
Beech Fork Leslie 11.4 No Middle Fork Kentucky River to Leslie/Harlan Co. line
Benson Creek Franklin 4.8 No Mouth to KY 1005 Devils Hollow Road bridge crossing
Clear Creek Woodford 6.0 No Mouth to the KY 1965 bridge crossing
Clear Creek Bell 3.5   Hwy 190 to Pine Mt. Lake
Clover Fork Harlan 18.0 No Cumberland River to Louellen KY, Fugitt Creek
East Fork Monroe 7.0 No
Elkhorn Creek Pike 19.4 No Russell Fork to Pike/Letcher Co. line
Fleming Creek Fleming, Nicholas 20.0 Unknown Mouth to KY 11
Glover Creek Barren 6.0 No From Fallen Timber Creek to  Ky Highway 839 bridge
Grassy Creek Lewis 2.6 ? From mouth to 2.6 miles up stream
Greasy Creek Harlan/ Leslie 22.6 No Middle Fork Kentucky River to Big Laurel Creek
Gunpowder Creek Boone 11.4 No KY 536 Rabbit Hash Road bridge crossing to South Fork Gunpowder confluence
Illwill Creek Clinton 3.0 No KY 1351 to mouth
Indian Creek McCreary 4.5 No Cogur Cr. to mouth
Knox Creek Pike 7.9 No Tug Fork to VA state line
Laurel Creek McCreary 3.5 No KY 478 Bridge to mouth
Left Fork Beaver Creek Floyd 10.8 No Frasure Creek to Jacks Creek
Line Creek Monroe 7.0 No
Line Fork Letcher 21.5 No North Fork Kentucky River to area along Rt. 510 near Gilley KY
Little Kentucky River Carroll, Trimble, Henry 18.4 No Mouth to US 421 bridge crossing
Lulbegrud Creek Clark, Powell, Montgomery 17.0 No Mouth to KY 646 bridge crossing in Clark Co.
Marrowbone Creek Cumberland 19.0 No  
Marsh Creek McCreary 17.7 No Kidd School crossing to mouth
Martins Fork Harlan 15.8 No Cumberland River to Martins Fork Lake tailwater
Meshach Creek Monroe 6.0 No  
Middle Creek Floyd 9.7 No Left fork Middle Creek to Magoffin/Floyd Co. line
Mill Creek Monroe 9.0 No
Mudlick Creek Boone 4.1 No Mouth to the US 42 bridge crossing
Otter Creek Madison 5.6 No Mouth to Redhouse area
Paint Lick Creek Garrard, Madison 22.0 No Mouth to KY 52 bridge crossing in Paint Lick
Poor Fork Harlan 15.8 No Cumberland River to Cumberland KY, Cloverlick Creek
Right Fork Beaver Creek Floyd, Knott 14.2 No Wayland KY to Bates Branch at Kite KY
Rockhouse Creek Letcher 21.4 No North Fork Kentucky River to Deane KY
Rolling Fork Marion 40.0 No
Salt Lick Creek Monroe 5.0 No  
Silver Creek Madison 21.5 No Mouth to KY 52 crossing at Silver Creek
Spring Creek Clinton 4.5 No US 127 to Dale Hollow Lake
Sulphur Creek Adair 13.0 No  
Sulphur Fork Allen, Simpson 18.0 No
Thompson Creek Mercer 5.0 No Mouth to KY 926 - Bethel Church Road bridge crossing
Woolper Creek Boone 4.4 No Backwaters of the Ohio River to KY 338 Idle Road bridge crossing

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