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Missouri State Fishing Records

We are just getting the Missouri records section started sorry for the lack of records information. If you have a picture of any of these records you would be willing to share, send  them to us at .



Black Bass (Hybrid)   Table Rock Lake    
Largemouth 13-14 Bull Shoals Lake Marvin Bushong 4/61
Smallmouth 7-02 Stockton Lake Kevin S. Clingan 12/18/94
Spotted 7-08 Table Rock Lake    
White   Table Rock Lake    


Bigmouth 56-0 Lock Loma Lake Dr. W. J. Long 8/19/76
Black 53-0 Lake Wappapello Marty R. Yount 4/6/89
Smallmouth 36-12 Lake Of The Ozarks Allen A. Schweiss 6/10/86


Black Bullhead 4-11 Binder Lake Ron Miller 6/5/77
Blue Catfish 130 Missouri River Greg Bernal 7/20/2010
Brown Bullhead 3-3 Lock Loma Lake Greg Clanahan 4/25/90
Channel 34-10 Lake Jacomo Gerald Siebenmorgen 10/12/76
Flathead 77-8 Montrose Lake Scott L. Brown 4/28/03
Yellow Bullhead 6-6 Old Drexel Lake John Irvin 5/27/06


Black 5 lbs Callaway County John Horstman 4/2006
White 4-09 Farm Pond Samuel H. Barbee 3/2000


Longnose 27 - 0 Bull Shoals Dale Davis 5/17/99
Shortnose 13 lbs Mark Twain Lake Brad Smith 6/16/06
Spotted 6-0 Boeuf Creek Brent Meyer 8/27/05


Sauger 5-1 Osage River John Hennessy 1/23/94
Walleye 21-1 Bull Shoals Lake Gerry Partlow 3/26/88
Yellow Perch 1lb 11oz Bull Shoals Vince G. Elfrink 5/3/09


Chain Pickerel 5-1 Clearwater Dam Spillway George Burlbaw 11/4/74
Grass Pickerel 1-3 Farm Pond Will Dougherty 3/20/05
Muskellunge 41-2 Lake Of The Ozarks Gene Snelling 3/9/81
Northern 18-9 Stockton Lake Gene Moore 4/26/75
Tiger Muskie 22-0 Stockton Lake Ned Posenki 4/25/86


Bluegill   Farm Pond    
Green 2-2 Stockton Lake Paul Dilley 6/18/71
Redear 2-7   Glenda Gollaher 5/28/88
Rock Bass        
Flier 0-11 Farm Pond Anthony Sifford 3/15/91
Warmouth 1-4 Butler County Tony Fincher 7/31/84


Brown 27-10 Lake Taneycomo Rick Osborn 10/3/05
Rainbow 18-01 Roaring River Jason Harper 8/14/04


American Eel 4-8 Meramack River Steven Buerk 8/23/93
Bowfin 19-0 Dock Creek Clois Coomer 3/63
Carp, Bighead 80-0 Lake Of The Ozarks Kyle Schneider 10/9/04
Carp, common 50-6 Rothwell Park Lake Russell Tarr 6/2/96
Carp, Grass 69-0 Crowder S.P. Jim Shull 11/13/02
Drum 40-8 Lake Of The Ozarks Ronald P. Wagner 7/11/96
Paddlefish 139-4 Table Rock Lake George W. Russell 3/15/02
Redhorse 9-10 Osage River John "Buck" Hennessey 1/2006
Golden Redhorse 2-3 Meramec River Mike Jackson 6/27/95
Silver Redhorse 5-10 Sac River Teresa Meadors 3/23/00
Shorthead Redhorse 2lb 4oz Truman Reservoir Gerald W. Wright 5/16/09
Shovelnose Sturgeon 4 lbs Des Moines River   6/3/01
Goldeye 1-8 Black River Bob Hudson 9/25/03
Skipjack Herring 1-11 Osage River Roger G. Gerloff Sr. 8/24/05
Blue Sucker 9-14 Missouri River Randy Christian 4/12/97
White Sucker 4-8 Lake Taneycomo James Baker, Jr. 9/19/90



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