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South Dakota Flathead Catfish Record Shattered

State Record Flathead Catfish

Davin Holland and his 63.5 lb Flathead Catfish

Pierre, SD - A Tabor man has a whopper of a fish tale to tell. Unlike most fish tales, he also has a new state record as proof.

Davin Holland was using the largest piece of cutbait he had when he caught the new state record flathead catfish on June 18th in the James River. The fish, was 63.5 pounds, was 47 inches long and had a girth of 30 inches. Hollandís fish eclipsed Roger Adams three year old record fish by three pounds.

Conservation Officer Sam Schelhaas was called out to verify the fish late on the 18th. "Fisheries biologist Sam Stukel was with me and when we got out to Davin and his cousin, we immediately transferred the fish to a large tank with an aerator," said Schelhaas. "We kept it alive overnight and took it to Yaggies Elevator in Yankton on Monday morning because we couldnít find a scale big enough."

At this time, the fish is alive at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aquariums, where they will attempt to keep the fish for display.

If you believe a fish qualifies for a state record, a State Record fish form must be filled out. This form can be obtained from a Game, Fish and Parks office or the GFP Web site at

A potential state record fish should be cared for in the following manner:

Keep the fish cool, preferably on ice.
Weigh the fish on a state-certified scale (found in grocery, hardware and some bait shops) with a witness present.
Take the fish to a GFP Division of Wildlife office for positive identification and State Record fish form.
Fish weighed on a certified scale and identified by the GFP may be released.

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