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Texas State Bow Fishing Records

The following list of state record fish is according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Species Weight Location Archer Date
Bowfin 11.89 Fork Dean Parker 01/11/01
Buffalo, Bigmouth 28 B.A. Steinhagen Lake Sam Bible 07/08/01
Buffalo, Smallmouth 92 Sabine River Kent McDowell 03/22/99
Carp, Common 46.5 Town Lake Robert Smith 04/02/96
Carp, Grass 65.25 Whitney Bobby Grieger 07/10/93
Carpsucker, River 2.9 Hords Creek Randahl Lohse 06/17/03
Catfish, Armored 4 Dunlap Mark Malfa 11/20/04
Drum 20 Sabine River William Ruth 05/09/97
Gar, Alligator 290 Trinity River Marty McClellan 07/08/01
Gar, Longnose 82 Trinity River Rance Allen 05/13/90
Gar, Shortnose 9.94 Lavon Anthony Hicks 05/13/04
Gar, Spotted 15 Travis David Smith 08/03/83
Goldfish 9.22 Tawakoni Cade Newsom 08/04/04
Mullet, Striped 11.72 Coleto Creek Reservoir Brian Morris 05/23/03
Redhorse, Gray 7 Austin Mark Malfa 02/20/04
Shad, Gizzard 2.82 Brazos River Alex Beasley 08/01/03
Tilapia 5.88 Fairfield Lake Waylon Williams 07/03/00
Tilapia, Blue 6 Walter E Long Mark Malfa 11/04/04

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