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Lake Record Largemouth Bass Caught At Neshoba Lake, Mississippi

September 14, 2007

Jackson, Mississippi Philadelphia resident Eric Lyons did more than just have a good day on the water at Neshoba Lake, he caught the new lake record for largemouth bass.

Lyons broke the old mark by hauling in a 12-pound, 23.5-inch lunker. Neshoba Lake re-opened in 2008 after being closing for renovation and restocking. Ron Garavelli, fisheries bureau director for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks said the big bass Lyon caught at Neshoba Lake is part of a trend he has seen at many state lakes.

Weve had some really big fish caught on our state lakes recently, Garavelli said. Its a testament to the hard work of our fisheries staff and the result of good management. Its not just one or two lakes; were seeing big fish being caught all over the state.

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