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Colorado Hunter Stuck By Lightening And Killed

September 7, 2006

The body of missing Washington hiker/hunter Robert Heichel was located about 1 mile from his hunting camp in Montrose County, Colorado. Heichel had apparently been struck by lightening and killed instantly. The accident happened sometime around the 7th of September.

Searchers were alerted Sunday that Heichel may have been missing after a  concerned neighbor noticed he hadn't been in his camp for a few days. Montrose County Sheriff’s Posse and other authorities began the search and they were soon joined by various search and rescue organizations.

Initial searchers had found his camp to be fully intact including weapons and his ATV was located about 1/4 mile from camp.

Heichel's camouflaged body was not discovered until Wednesday the 13th in a scrub-oak filled canyon. The discovery was made by a cadaver dog brought in from Moab, Utah.



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