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Missouri Fatal Hunting Accidents

Below are some of the fatal hunting accidents that have happened in Missouri.

  • 2006 - Russell Ermeling, 59, died when he was  inadvertently shot by his hunting partner while turkey hunting.

  • 2006 - Edward Dean Bray, 57, accidentally shot by another hunter

  • 2005 - Kendall L. Jones, 18, shot by youth hunter

  • 2005 - nephew accidentally shot and killed his uncle

  • 2005 - Wally Dautenhahn, 42, died after being shot while hunting with his father

  • 2003 - Scotty L. Riedl, 31, shot while deer hunting

  • 2003 - Troy Sadler, 34, Sadler had just killed a buck and was still in his tree stand, 18 feet in the air, when he was shot



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