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Charges filed in Monroe County Pennsylvania Poaching Case

DALLAS - Pennsylvania Game Commission WCO Pete Sussenbach recently filed charges against Jan Pyatt of Tobyhanna, Monroe County. Charges filed include: 14 counts of unlawful possession of white-tailed deer; three counts of unlawful possession of wild turkeys; and other charges ranging from using bait as an enticement to lure wildlife to license violations. In addition, several crimes code charges have been filed by the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department.

Game and Wildlife Code charges were filed before District Justice Clancy Dennis, Tobyhanna. If convicted on all counts, Pyatt faces up to $15,000 in fines and suspension of hunting and furtaker license privileges for nearly 50 years.

In mid-October, WCO Sussenbach was given information about Pyatt baiting a bear to his residence on Pocono Heights Road in Tobyhanna. While conducting surveillance, it was determined that corn, syrup, sausages and other items were being used to entice a bear to continue feeding in the area. While expanding the investigation, it was discovered that Pyatt had purchased several licenses unlawfully and had an 8-point buck at a taxidermist in Montgomery County that was tagged using another individual's tag.

On Nov. 22, a search warrant was executed at Pyatt's residence by WCOs and Deputy WCOs from Monroe, Wayne and Lackawanna counties, as well as several members of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department. During the search, deer, turkey and other unlawfully possessed wildlife was uncovered, as well as a large quantity of evidence relative to the unlawful killing of other wildlife. It also was determined that other individuals had come Pyatt's property and unlawfully killed wildlife.

Last Updated: 02/17/05



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