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Last Boar from Anderson Tully?

While attending school in the fall of 1989, I caught a bad case of deer fever and went to Anderson Tully WMA along the MS river in Lauderdale County. I had never been there. I parked my car, still hunted along an old grownup road, and 15 minutes later I shot a 11" spike at less than 20 yards. I didn't even have a knife, so I dragged the deer back to the road, wrangled it into the back of my little Nissan car's trunk and headed to the checking station.  (continued below)

Anderson Tully WMA Wild Boar

       Now in those days, my food came from the school and the only money I had was well-spent on necessities and women at a little place in Memphis called Alex's. What in the world was I going to do with a dead rut'n buck in the trunk of my car? (Never mind the fact that I kept my '.06 under my dorm bed on campus) I checked in the deer and gave it to the guy at the hunting store. Guess what? The guy never sent me my antlers. A week or so later, I returned to AT WMA and still hunted along the same road. 30 minutes before dark, I killed a small tree and missed the largest buck I've ever seen there.

Now, you are probably wondering what does this story have to do with wild boars? Well after I missed my buck I heard about 5 shots fired over a 10 minute period. When I got back to the parking area, some hunters were waiting on their buddy to come out of the woods. We waited for a while and when he did not return, we went after him. We bumped into him on his way out. The hunter said that he thought he had a big grunting buck coming toward his stand when the hog came out of the thicket just under his treestand. He had to keep shooting the boar at 20 yards until he ran out of ammo, and it still would not expire. After dark came, he was afraid to come down from the tree until he felt safe from the boar's rage. For some reason, he did not want to dress it. We tried to drag the swine, but it was too hard. Somebody got the bright idea that we should cut a small tree, tie the hog like a rodeo calf, and carry it across our shoulders like the Native Americans carried deer in old paintings. So, that's what we did. I will never do it again. Imagine 5 hunters carrying a bristle-haired boar hanging between a pole through a thicket with one weak flashlight!

According to the TN big game harvest reports, that was the LAST wild boar killed at Anderson Tully WMA. The hunter mailed me a picture of the boar and offered to give me some meat, but I was busy with school so I never tasted the fruits of our endeavor. I am sending Dennis a copy of the picture. My hope is that someone might recognize the hunters in the picture if the webmaster could post it. I would love to get in contact with the group and relive the memory one more time. The boar was aged at only 2.5, and it weighed 242 lbs. I honestly don't know if that was dressed or not. I feel sorry for those Northern hunters who have to drag heavy bucks. I contacted both the area manager and the TWRA two years ago. They said that the harvest records were boxed up somewhere and, of course, NO ONE would like to volunteer to search for the tag. The hunters were from the Memphis area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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