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Fort Campbell Whitetail Deer

Fort Campbell Whitetail Deer
Wes Barker with his buck that was taken on December 7, 2001 at Fort Campbell. It was my biggest buck to date. I haven't officially got him scored but the guy that mounted it rough scored it at 162". He has 19" inside spread, 24" main beams, and 5" bases. It is a main frame 8pt with 2 kicker point on the G2's.

It was my second trip ever to Fort Campbell. It was the same year they changed the system over to the automated system. My dad and I got drawn for area 31. We didn't get there until bout 9:00 am, so we just scouted that morning. That evening we walked down a fire break until it came to a creek. I followed the creek into the woods about 100-150 yards. I found a scrape half a big as a car hood. It had tracks all in it and you could smell it. It smelled like a bottle of Tink's. So I figured I would hunt there until dark.

I probably set there 15-20 minutes when I heard something coming. I could see it was a big bodied deer but I couldn't tell if was a buck or not. Then he stepped out behind a tree and i lost all composer. He stared at me for about 30 seconds (which seemed like 3 days) then he lowered his head and started walking towards his scrape. He checked it and he started heading out. I found a shooting lane and he stepped into it BOOM! Dropped him in his tracks. Lets just I had to change my pants afterwards. I don't know who was more excited me or my dad.

All in all it was a great hunt, just to share the experience with my dad.

That day I will never forget!



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