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Ohio Whitetail Deer

Ohio Crossbow Deer
This is Cindy from Jackson County, Ohio who hunts with her husband and two sons. She killed this 7 point non-typical buck with a crossbow on January 20th, 2007.

Great buck Cindy, Congrats!

Ohio Crossbow DeerThey have been watching him and photographing him with a digital game camera since Christmas time.

Cindy said "The hunt for him was great!

I knew what time he was coming in to the feeding area. Sure enough, this day he was right on time.
When he came in, I thought he was an awesome sight. He stood broadside in the feed, but I had to wait almost 10 minutes (it seemed like forever) for him to bring his front leg forward to get that perfect shot. When he did, I didn't waste any time. I took the shot and it was perfect! Straight through both lungs.

When he got hit he jumped straight up and bucked like a wild horse! Needless to say, he didn't go far. About 50 yards and I heard him crash. I was so excited and I still am. This is a hunt that I will treasure forever. I am enclosing before and and after pictures of him. My husband is my hunting partner and I am so happy he was able to share my excitement with me that day."



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