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Chris Jacobs New York Whitetail Buck

New York Whitetail Deer Hunting
This morning I hunted my aunt's farm in Farnham, New York. it's about 325 acres of some of the best deer hunting property in the world. Well, I had intended to hunt the "back 40" of the property and was walking down the dirt road to the creek. I never made it there though. As I was approaching the creek, I slowed as there were fresh tracks crossing. I looked to my left and there he was, standing in the creek drinking. I unslung the Knight 45 cal, put the sight on him and BOOM!!

I watched him drop right into the creek where he began to thrash. I immediately reloaded and brought the gun up to shoulder. It was evident though that he was breathing his last.

A post mortem revealed that he had been hit through the front shoulder, bullet passed through both lungs, tearing them up and exited through the neck.

This buck had been heavily feeding on browse and had a full paunch. There was about 4" of fresh snow on the ground which made spotting the deer easy and moving through the snow effortless and quiet.

I hauled him up the bank and tied him off in order to field dress him. The creek ran crimson as I completed the task. I then had only a 400 yard drag back to the truck.

I was using a Knight Disc Extreme in .45 cal, 195 grain Red Hot Sabots and 120 grains Pyrodex Select.

The hardest part of the whole hunt was loading him on top of the Expedition.


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