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Arkansas Whitetail Buck

Arkansas Whitetail Deer Hunting
I had been going through a dry spell for a while with not much success, in fact, haven't been hunting all that much this year, because the only place I had to hunt was my farm and deer sigh has been very scarce. But my neighbor/mechanic had been telling about seeing this 8 point crossing my field about 300 yards east of my house. I was a bit skeptical about getting a shot at him, but decided to set up this afternoon and watch my field, and as luck would have it, I wasn't there 15 minutes when I spot two does running across my field, about 150 yards out, and sure enough here he came chasing them.

He turned and started towards me, I think he spotted me, but too late, I caught him in the chest on an angling shot, but he showed no signs of a hit and turned broadside and started trotting off, I caught him again in the lungs and he took low and fast, but he only made it about 40 or 50 yards and down he went.


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