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Tennessee 17 Point Non-Typical
Whitetail Deer

Tennessee Deer Hunting
The photo above is of Mac C., Mac was almost 15 on Sunday, October 28, 2007, the second day of the Tennessee juvenile deer hunt when he was fortunate enough to take this fantastic whitetail buck.

Mac has hunted doves and rabbits with his grandfather but decided to give deer hunting a try last fall. He went 3 times last fall, twice with a friend of ours and once with his cousin, Marty Hall. This year, his cousin Marty took him to Williston, Tennessee to hunt.

They left home about 5:00 AM. They had been in the deer stand for a while and decided to get down and walk around to warm up a little. They had been walking for a while and Marty asked Mac if he was ready to go back to the stand. Mac said no, he wanted to walk some more. Shortly thereafter, Mac spotted a buck coming out of the tree line and directed Marty's attention to it. Mac asked if he could shoot it and Marty told him to get his gun ready. About that time, another buck came out that was much bigger. Marty told Mac to shoot the second one.

He took his shot and hit the buck.

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Tennessee 17 Point Buck Deer
At around 9:30 AM our phone rang. It was Mac letting us know he had killed his first deer! He said it was "a buck, a big buck." His dad asked how many points it had. He said probably 10 or 12. He and Marty had not gotten to the deer yet. About 10 minutes later, Mac called back and said it was a 17 pointer! Needless to say, he was very excited. Marty told him that people wait a lifetime to kill a deer like that and it was his first one. He told Mac not to be disappointed if he never killed another one like it.

Once the deer was put into the back of Marty's truck, they drove down the road. They stopped at a restaurant and Mac went in to ask where the closest check in station was. When he went into the restaurant, he saw some friends of ours that are big hunters. He asked them about the check in station and they asked Mac if he had shot a deer. He said "yes sir" and they asked how big it was. When he told them 17 points they did not believe them. He told them he was telling the truth but they had to go see for themselves. Mac and Marty said everyone in the restaurant came out to see the deer!

The deer has been processed (102 pounds of meat) and the head is at the taxidermist. I do not think Mac has a full understanding of how special his first deer really is. He was truly excited but would have been just as excited about any deer because it was his first! All the adults that we show his picture to are in awe. One said the deer was what he and his friends called a "career ending kill. It's time to sell your gun because you'll never kill another one like it." As time goes by and he continues to deer hunt I believe he will develop a deeper appreciation for his first deer.

Cindy C.


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