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Tennessee Whitetail Buck

Tennessee Whitetail Buck
Yesterday (1/4/05) my son calls me at work about 3:30pm and ask's if he can go out to the food plots and get up in our loc-on stands, I asked if he had all his homework done and like a typical 14 yo he said of course! He asked if he could shoot a doe and I said I would rather you didn't because I would be home late from work and wouldn't want to fool with it. Our freezers are FULL!!! I said shoot a big buck only.

I close the shop at 5:30 and head to the house, a customer calls on the way home and we are discussing his new boat when my son beeps on the other line, I didn't answer and he then calls on my other cell phone I still didn't answer, he then calls back on primary cell and leaves a message. I finish with the customer and check my voice mail. It was my son who said " please don't be mad dad but I shot a doe, I thought it was a buck but when I got up to it, it was a doe, please don't be mad. Well about now I getting a little hot under the collar. Well when I pull in the driveway there's my son holding his head down apologizing, I said go get a knife and lets get started and he said first come look at her and the above deer was on his 4 wheeler.

This is his best deer to date. This deer bested the one he got Sunday after Thanksgiving. 8 point 17" inside spread good mass. All of my hunting buddies and friends all call him Davey Crockett. I don't know of many 14 year olds that have harvested over 75 deer. He takes his hunting and trapping very serious. On this hunt he used his Rem .243, Ziess scope, Combined Technology 95 gr silver tips, 33.5 grains of IMR 4895, Winchester LR primer. 145 yards. This buck has an inside spread of 19 1/8". He looked gant from chasing too many doe's. We have several pictures of him in velvet and hard horns.


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