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Kris Eggle Organ Pipe
National Monument Ranger

Kris Eggle was 28 years old when he was shot and killed by smugglers on August 9, 2002 at Arizona's Organ Pipe National Monument. Kris had worked at Organ Pipe National Monument since 2000 and had previously worked at Sleeping Dunes National Lakeshore and Canyon Land National Park.

Eggle and three U.S. Border Patrol officers were responding to a call from Mexican authorities that two armed men had fled across the US border.

Border patrol agents in a helicopter were directing the officers to a spot where the smugglers were hiding in the bushes when Eggle was ambushed and shot. He died before a medical helicopter could get to him.  The smuggler who shot him was also killed in the gun battle.

Kris Eggle grew up on his families farm outside of Cadillac Michigan where he graduated from high school as valedictorian in 1991. Kris was well liked and admired in Cadillac where he was known for his running skills as well as his scholastic abilities. Eggle went on to attend the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors and ran in the cross-country running program. He was also nominated outstanding ranger of his class at the Federal Law Enforcement training center. 

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