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National Memorials

The following is a list of the different National Memorials and their state. The list is current as of January 2006.

A national memorial is commemorative of a historic person or episode; it need not occupy a site historically connected with its subject.

  National Memorials State
1 Arkansas Post Arkansas
2 Arlington House Virginia
3 Chamizal Texas
4 Coronado Arizona
5 De Soto Florida
6 Federal Hall New York
7 Flight 93 Pennsylvania
8 Fort Caroline Florida
9 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial DC
10 General Grant New York
11 Hamilton Grange New York
12 Jefferson National Memorial Expansion IL-MO
13 Korean War Veterans DC
14 Johnstown Flood Pennsylvania
15 Lincoln Boyhood Indiana
16 Lincoln Memorial DC
17 Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac DC
18 Mount Rushmore South Dakota
19 Oklahoma City Memorial OK
20 Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Ohio
21 Roger Williams Rhode Island
22 Thaddeus Kosciuszko Pennsylvania
23 Theodore Roosevelt Island DC
24 Thomas Jefferson Memorial DC
25 USS Arizona Memorial Hawaii
26 Vietnam Veterans Memorial DC
27 Washington Monument DC
28 World War II Memorial DC
29 Wright Brothers North Carolina

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