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Elk Reintroduction in the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In 2001 the National Park Service started it's plan to reintroduce Elk into the park. The original plan called for about 75 elk to be released in the Cataloochee Valley over a 3 year period. The elk would be closely monitored for five years and at that point they would determine whether to remove the elk, leave the elk as they are or continue introducing additional elk. 

Elk M/F Release Born Deceased Notes
1 M        
3 M        
5 F        
6 F        
8 F     6/23/03  
9 F     8/8/03 struck by car
12 F     9/23/01 Euthanized, showing signs of meningial worm.
15 F       mother of #60
17 M        
22 M       wondered to Green county had to be returned
23       12/10/03 shot, landowner conflicts
24 F       mother of #61
25 M        
29 M   /01   Darted and returned to the park.
30 M   /01 7/20/04 wondered to Maggie Valley had to be returned. euthanized from the same farm his mother was
31 F   07/09/01 08/09/01 Third elk known born in Smoky Mountains and the first death.
35 F     x cause of death unknown
38 F        
40         wondered to Suttontown and had to be returned
41 M        
43       X meningeal worm
48         mother of #62
49 F        
50       X cause of death unknown
53 F     X  
55 M     9/1/03 meningeal worm
60     6/12/02   born to #15
61     6/25/02 6/30/02 born to #24 - death thought to be black bear
62 M     7/27/02 born to #48- death meningeal worm
63 F     x cause of death unknown
? F       Euthanized on nearby dairy farm


The herds overall survival rate has been 82%. 
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