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American Robin

Robin Eggs

Robin Eggs - Photo Todd Ratermann

Robins are often seen in towns looking for food in yards, parks and gardens. Can sometimes be seen in large roosts of thousands of birds.

The robin's nest and eggs pictured to the right were taken on April 29th 2006. The nest was built in a fence line just a few feet from our garden. It was a mostly grass nest, built in Japanese Honeysuckle bush. If you look closely at the back egg pictured above, you can see the very beginning of the egg starting to be cracked from the inside.

Robin Eggs Hatching


In the photo to the left you can now see the tiny robin's beak is sticking out of the small hole.

And in the photo below the robin has finally gotten out of his shell and the female robin has carried  the broken egg shell away. It was a pretty warm day when the eggs were hatching, and the female robin was about 10 feet away watching from another fence.

Robin Egg and Hatchling

The robin is the state bird of Connecticut and Wisconsin.


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