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Last of the Dead Creek Eagles Are Set Free

July 21, 2005

ADDISON, VERMONT - The doors to the hack boxes at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area were opened before dawn on July 16, freeing Vermont's Bald Eagle Restoration Initiative's four remaining eagles.

"Two of the young eagles were ready to go and flew off, while the other two stayed behind," said Amy Alfieri of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. "I was concerned about the docile eaglet from Massachusetts. It never flapped its wings or showed any interest in fledging, but by mid-afternoon it was out on the deck in front of the hack boxes flapping vigorously. I'm sure it will fledge soon enough."

Eleven eaglets have been raised and released from the Dead Creek hacking site during this second season of the Vermont Bald Eagle Restoration Initiative. Six eaglets from Maryland were placed in the hack boxes in early May and released on June 2. Four more arrived later in June from rehabilitators in Massachusetts and New York. The newest addition, an orphaned eaglet from Maine, was placed in the hack box on July 10.

"It's been a busy but satisfying season," said Margaret Fowle of the National Wildlife Federation and project partner. "We released more eaglets than last year, plus we gave a home to two orphaned eaglets."

Partners in the Vermont Bald Eagle Restoration Initiative include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, National Wildlife Federation, Outreach for Earth Stewardship, Central Vermont Public Service, and Senator Jim Jeffords.

The initiative's goal is to help establish a breeding bald eagle population in Vermont. Project partners also are presenting programs and developing teaching resources to raise awareness about endangered species and the conservation of all wildlife.

To learn more about the project and bald eagles in general, visit the Vermont Bald Eagle Restoration Initiative website:


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