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Dolomedes Fishing Spider

Common Name: Dolomedes Fishing Spider
Scientific Name:  

This photo of a Dolomedes Fishing Spider was taken at Burgess Falls State Natural Area in Tennessee in early August.

There are numerous species of the Dolomedes Fishing Spider and I am not sure which one this is. Each of his legs were between 2" and 3" long minimum. He/she also had 6 spots on the back of it's abdomen.

If you know the exact species of this spider please let me know by e-mail

If you look closely you can see that it's right, front leg is significantly shorter than the other legs. And if you look at the frontal view you can see there is actually a stump of a leg below it's new leg. So it appears it's original leg was injured and it is regenerating a new leg. I didn't know spiders could do that.


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