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Question Mark

Question Mark Butterfly

Photo by Todd Ratermann

These butterflies can be Found in or near orchards, gardens, roads, and other sunny openings. They are found almost everywhere east of the Rocky Mountains.

These pictures were taken in early October in the Standing Stone State Forest in Middle Tennessee.

As you can see in these pictures, the top side of this butterflies wings are extremely colorful. However, the underside of the question marks wings are earth tone colors that allow it to blend in perfectly with a variety of surroundings making them nearly invisible to potential predators.

Butterfly - Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis )During the summer months the blue outline on the wing is generally not as prominent and the lower section of the wings (seen as a bright orange rust color here) are a darker more red-brown color.

This butterfly really seemed to enjoy whatever was coming out of this oak tree.  They get their name from the silver colored curving mark with a dot below that form a "question mark" on the underside of wings.

the above photos are the Question Mark butterfly in the fall.

The photos below are a Question Mark butterfly in the Summer

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