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Colorado Wildlife Rehabilitators

To get your Colorado wildlife rehabilitation center listed Go to this post in our wildlife discussion forum and follow the simple directions.
  Urban Wildlife Rescue, Inc. bat rehabilitation, capture and handling techniques, humane solutions to wildlife problems, educational programs, rehabilitation of small mammals (Coyote size on down), humane nuisance control

  Birds of Prey Foundation pre-release exercise in large outdoor aviaries, criteria for release of able birds, Nightjar rehabilitation. Call (303)460-0574

  Nuepe Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Durango Raptors, deer and elk (but I take everything from songbirds to porcupines). Call 970-382-0827

Longmont/Boulder Colorado
  Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation - We care for orphaned, injured and sick medium to small mammals, as well as goslings, and ducklings. Call 303-774-8347 or 702-203-6781 Annette

  Second Chance Wildlife Rehab Center - has been a licensed rehab center since 1992. We are licensed for all birds and small mammals including bats. 719-543-1946

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