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Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators

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Alachua County & north central Florida
  Florida Wildlife Care - Assisting with native wildlife, all species large and small that are orphaned, sick, injured or displaced. Providing live animal education programs and wildlife sanctuary. North central Florida's largest wildlife center covering eleven counties, handling all wildlife issues; information, nuisance, rescue, endangered species, special projects. Conservation of Native wildlife and habitat through education, rehabilitation and study. Call Business office (352)371-4443, 24 hr Wildlife helpline: (352)371-4400 or E-mail

  Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. - black bears. We also have a Bird of Prey educational program including a Bald Eagle, Red Tailed Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Barred Owl and Screech Owl. Our main focus is the Black Bear; however, we accept ALL wildlife. Call (850)762-8685 or E-mail

Bradenton Beach
  Wildlife, Inc. - Education and Rehabilitation. Call (941)778-6324 or E-mail

  Wildlife Care Center - Treat over 10,000 animal patients annually. Specialize in native FL wildlife but also accepts certain domestic/exotic species that are abused, abandoned, stray, or cruelty cases. Call (954)524-4302 or E-mail

Citrus County
  H.O.P.E. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation - we accept all wildlife except vultures and reptiles. Call (352)628-9464 or (352)628-7878 or E-mail

Collier County
  The Conservancy of Southwest Florida von Arx Wildlife Hospital treats injured, sick and orphaned native wildlife. Over 2,500 animals are treated annually, with about half being released back into their native habitat. Some permanent residents unable to be released are used as ambassadors for the protection of their species in environmental education programs. Email 239.262.CARE (2273)

Daytona Beach
  Wildlife Rehabilitation of Daytona Beach - Specialties: All mammals, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bats, otters, fox. Call (386) 767-2500 or E-mail

Deerfield Beach
  Rascals Wildlife Care Network, Inc. - Specialties: squirrels (see all wildlife). Call (954)779-0364 or E-mail

  Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, Inc. - Specialties: baby raccoons. Call (850)837-3529 or (850)654-5046 or E-mail

Fort Lauderdale
  Jacque Corricelli - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: Florida mammals, orphaned birds of prey. Call (954)746-1816 or E-mail

Fort Lauderdale
  Wildlife Care Center - Call (954)524-4302 or E-mail

Fort Lauderdale
  Rascals Wildlife Care Network, Inc. - Specialties: all species, especially raccoons. Call (954)779-0364 or E-mail

Fort Pierce
  Creature Safe Place - Take all area wildlife. Call (561)468-6616 or E-mail

  West End Animal Hospital - Specialties: insectivorous bats. Call (352)332-4357 or E-mail

  Florida Wildlife Care, Inc. - all native Florida wildlife. Call (352)371-4400 (24 hr helpline) or E-mail

Hillsborough County
  All Corners Wildlife Rehab - Orphaned and injured squirrels & opossum require specialized care.  We focus on quality care -- not just numbers.

Hobe Sound
  Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital, Inc. - Specialties: All native species. Resource for information regarding medical and surgical care, caging construction, public education and display, charitable organizations [501(c)(3)]. Call (561)546-8281 or E-mail

Inverness (Citrus County)
Nature World Wildlife Rescue - Specialties: bats, gray squirrels, flying squirrels. Call (352)344-0241 or E-mail

Inverness/Floral City (Citrus County)
Nature World - Specialties: raccoons. Call (352)637-2674 or E-mail

Mitzi Mobley - Independent Wildlife Rehabilitator. Rehabilitation of injured/orphaned BABY raccoons. No nuisance calls please. Call (904) 381-0579 or E-mail

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary - over 2,000 patients per year; offer extensive environmental educational programs. Call (561)744-1646 or E-mail

  Wildwood Acres Wildlife Center - Specialties: laboratory skills, raptor rehab, shore birds. Call (407)774-8857 or E-mail

  Doreen Friswold - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: song birds, small mammals, and pond birds. Call (407)951-8869 (fax or message) or E-mail

  Patti Chandler - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: baby squirrels and bunnies, song birds. Call (407)242-9895 or E-mail

  Florida Wildlife Hospital - Call (407)254-8843 or E-mail

  Falcon Batchelor Bird of Prey Center - Specialties: rehabilitation and ecological research of birds of prey. Call (305)854-4247 (ext. 256) or E-mail

  Foundation for Environmental Awareness - Call (352)288-6754 (24 hours) or E-mail

Ocoee / Winter Garden / Geneva
  Earth Angels Wildlife - Specialties: squirrels, raccoons. Call (407)292-5232 (Nancy), (407)570 -7153 (Laurie), (407)349 -2889 (Diane) or E-mail (Nancy), (Laurie)

  Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc - in Okeechobee, Florida. We rehab any native Florida animal including birds. We have a nature trail, free roaming butterfly garden and lots of animals to view on our nature trail and are open to the public everyday from 9-5. Our contact number is 863-763-4630 .

  Tom Rudge Rehab Center - Specialty: birds, all smaller wildlife (but can refer callers). Call (407)243-6701 or E-mail

  Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida - A non-profit organization, working to provide appropriate care to injured or orphaned indigenous wildlife. Our primary objective is rehabilitation and release, but we also provide a sanctuary for non-releasable wildlife. Call (850) 433-9453 or email
Port St. Joe
  St. Joe Wildlife Sanctuary & Educational Center - Specialties: extensive shorebird rehabilitation. Call (850)229-WING or E-mail

Punta Gorda
  Peace River Wildlife Center - Specialty: birds of prey. Call (941)637-3830 or E-mail

Royal Palm Beach
  Wildlife Resource Center of the Palm Beaches, Inc. - Specialty: wild birds. Call (561)793-8075 or E-mail

  Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary - Specialty: We take care of ALL wildlife, but specialize in pelicans. Call (941)388-4444 or E-mail

Satellite Beach
  Crystal Lee Gilbert - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. We specialize in opossums, but take care of ALL wildlife. Call (321) 779-1583 or E-mail

  Wrede's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - raising of baby deer. Call (941)385-2770 or E-mail

Southwest Florida
  Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) - C.R.O.W. provides medical care and rehabilitation for more than 3400 injured, sick and orphaned wildlife patients every year, with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat. Under the direction of 2 full-time Vets, we provide high quality medical care which incorporates both western and eastern techniques. More than 160 species of birds, mammals and reptiles are treated each year.  Call (239)472 3644 or E-mail  3883 San-Cap Rd. Sanibel, FL 33957

  Rascals Wildlife Care Network, Inc. - opossums (see all wildlife), on call 24 hours. Call (954)779-0364 or E-mail

  St. Francis Wildlife Association, Inc. - opossums (see all wildlife), on call 24 hours. Call (850)386-6296 or E-mail

  Rascals Wildlife Care Network, Inc. - raptors and reptiles (see all wildlife). Call (954)779-0364 or E-mail

  Wildlife Center of Tampa Bay Inc. - We serve Hillsborough and surrounding counties. We will rescue and rehabilitate song birds, raptors and wading birds (we can transport shore birds but do not rehab. them on-site), small mammals, fawns (we can assist with contacting local rehabilitators for adult deer), and reptiles/amphibians excluding venomous species. Please call 24/7 with questions or emergencies 813-986-2314.

  Debbie Bond - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Small mammals and birds. Call (813)932-9545 or E-mail

Tampa (East)
  Denise Stepp - license subpermittee. Accepting small mammals, wildlife and exotics, and rabies-vector species, including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, coatimundi, kinkajou, fox, skunk, etc. (813) 454-2535
Tampa Area
  Trapper Guy - Tampa Bay area wildlife control operator and herp rehabilitator. We only take injured snakes but will pick up and transfer injured mammals to other rehabbers for free if you are on our route. 24 hours (727)710-0373 
Tavernier (Florida Keys)
  Ark Angels Wildlife Rescue, Inc. - a rehab center and refuge for orphaned and injured wild mammals. Monroe County, Keys, FL. Call, cell (305)393.2615 or home (305)852.2124 or E-mail .

Tierra Verde
  Save Our Sea Birds Inc. - Seabirds, songbirds, oiled wildlife response, Call (727) 864-0679 or E-mail

  Chris Wise - licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Call (407)268-8688 or E-mail CWILD@MEGABITS.NET.

  La Guardar Inc. Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center - licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Call (352)793-3094 or E-mail

West Palm Beach
  Wildlife Care Center - birds, turtles, opossums, squirrels. Call (561) 471-3403


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