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Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitators

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Brown County
  Brown County Song Bird Rehabilitation - Specialties: extensive experience in hummingbird rehabilitation. Call (812)597-0780 or E-mail

Wildlife In Need & Wildlife In Deed, Inc. - USDA & State licensed. Specialties: mammals, raptors, reptiles, exotics 501c3 non profit. Call (812)256-3894 or E-mail

  Russ Harper - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: baby opossum, birds, squirrels, and raccoons. Call (219)926-2590 or E-mail

Columbia City
  Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation - Specialties: birds of prey only, falconer. Call (219)627-3674 or (219)327-3814 or E-mail

  Dixie DeJong - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Call (317)745-7170 or E-mail

Evansville and surrounding area
  Southern Indiana Wildlife Rescue - All Wildlife accepted, licensed by the state of Indiana. 1-812-453-2066

Fort Wayne
  Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation - Specialties: all raptors (esp. red tailed hawks), falconer. Call (219)627-3674 or E-mail

Indiana, Delaware and surrounding counties
  The Dakoda Wildlife Rescue and Research Center - We take all rescues, orphaned or injured animal. We are available 24/7, if no answer, please leave a message. Please do not offer any food or water to any injured, orphaned or sick animal without contacting a Rehabber FIRST. Josh Stewart ~ Cell 765-621-3825
Lezli Julius ~ Cell 765-617-9335 

  Christi & Tom Malasto - licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Call (317)926-7092 or E-mail

La Porte
  Laura Nirenberg - licensed wildlife rehabilitator Specialties: Raccoons. Call (219)325-3194 or E-mail

  Chantel Eaton - We rehab ALL wildlife...raptors are stabilized and transported to Return to the Wild in Nashville, IN. Call (812)847-9929, Cell (812)798-7157 or E-mail

  Westchester Animal Clinic - (state emergency coordinator) Wildlife rehab for all species. Call (219)926-1194 or E-mail

  Hardy Lake Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of State Parks and Reservoirs (interpretive naturalist). Specialties: raptors, educational programming, beavers, fawns, raccoons, cage considerations Comments: We are the only wildlife rehabilitation center in Indiana that is operated by the Department of Natural Resources. Call (812)794-2244 or E-mail

South Bend
  Wildlife Station - Specialties: raccoons, squirrels, opossums. Call (219)234-1715 or E-mail

South Bend
  Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation - Specialties: Birds of Prey Only. Call (219)627-3674 or (219)288-5549 or E-mail

South Central Indiana
  Bat World Hoosier Hills - Specialties: Bats, call Laura (812)824-3210 or E-mail

South Central Indiana
  Bat World South Indy - Specialties: Bats only. Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wild bats. Call Terri (317)933-2011 or E-mail .

Southeast Indiana
  Raptor, Inc. - Call (513)825-3325 or E-mail

  Southlane Veterinary Hospital - Specialties: Treatment and rehabilitation of critical care wildlife species. Call (219)462-4114 or E-mail

  Circle of Life Wildlife Rehabilitation - Specialties: Do small mammals, birds of prey and birds. Will offer advice to new bat rehabbers. Call (219)761-3607 or E-mail

  Wildlife Resqu Haus Inc.- Specialties: raptors (but admit all wildlife except raccoons, coyote, and fox). Call (765)759-9112 or E-mail


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