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New Jersey Wildlife Rehabilitators

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  Raritan River Wildlife Refuge - Specialties: small mammals. Call (908)832-6430 or E-mail

Haddon Township
  Urban Sanctuary - veterinary technician, passerines, small mammals, opossums. E-mail -

  Mountain Wildlife Refuge, Inc. - Call (609)466-1311 or E-mail

  Mercer County Wildlife Center - Specialties: lots of experience with mourning doves of all ages, care and feeding of songbirds. Call (609)538-1933 or E-mail

National Park
  Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Service - Specialties: eastern grey squirrels, skunks, opossums, raccoons. Call (856)845-4581 or E-mail

New Jersey
  Woodlands Wildlife Refuge, Inc. - Specialties: rabies vector species, working with governing agencies. Call (908)730-8300 .

Stillwater (Sussex County)
  Carol Failla, Wildlife Rescue - Specialties: crows and raccoons. Call (973)579-1039 or E-mail

  CritterMom suragate mother for orphaned wildlife - Specialties: squirrels & rabbits. Call (609)696-1128 or E-mail


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