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New York Wildlife Rehabilitators

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  James B. Aris Rehab Center - Specialties: birds. Call (716)938-9068 or E-mail

  Reptile Adoption, Rehabilitation and Education, Inc.  - Specialties: strictly reptile and amphibian rehab (wild and exotic). Comments: Certified Wildlife Capture & Restraint, Certified Chemical
Immobilization, Certified Reptile Specialist, Certified Euthanasia Technician, Chelonian Shell Repair, Wild/Exotic Reptile Maintenance/Care . Call (716)895-0285 or E-mail

Clifton Park
  Halfmoon Critter Haven - Specialties: small mammals. Call (518)371-3806 or E-mail

  Wild Spirit Rehab & Release Center - Call (716) 492-3223 or E-mail

East Aurora
  Hawk Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - raptor rehabilitation, cage design, environmental education, & barn owl breeding. Call (716)652-8646 or E-mail

Erie County Area
  Whispering Wind Wildlife - Specializing in bird rehabilitation and small mammals. I will do education programs locally with our Educational Barred Owl. I refer callers to rehabbers in there area if I am to far. Call (716)941-0309 or E-mail

  Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center, Inc. - Call (716)648-8091 or E-mail

  Owlfacts - Specialties: owl care, caging, habitat, and educational programs. Call (716)537-9664 or E-mail

Hoosick Falls
  Donna Honsinger - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Call (518)663-5146 or E-mail

Hyde Park
  Valerie Nassetta - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: small mammals, specializing in rabies vector species and maintaining up-to-date rabies information. Call (845)229-5626 or E-mail

  Walton Homestead Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Specialties: Birds of prey. Call (716)768-4798 or E-mail

  Bless the Beasts Foundation, Inc. - Specialties: neonatal care and infant grey squirrels. Call (716)438-9514 or E-mail

  Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - birds of all kinds, educational information, physical therapy on wildlife. Call (716)625-8189 or E-mail

Long Island
  Dee J. Hetman - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: emergency and critical care of birds and small mammals. Call (850)473-2251 or E-mail

  Patricia Pirozzi - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Specialties: rabbits, first aid, squirrels, birds, groundhogs Comments: call at any time for information or for a animal pickup . Call (516)399-7292 or E-mail

Medina (serving all of Western NY)
  Bless the Beasts Foundation, Inc. - Raptors (we have excellent flight facilities for large and small raptors), waterfowl, small mammals, computer use in rehab, microbiology, Board Member New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Call (716)798-3531 or E-mail

  Mountain Goat Hill Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Specialties: rabies vector species, oil affected animals. Call (315)866-8477 or E-mail

New York
  Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue, Inc is a Not For Profit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center located East Concord, New York which is south of Buffalo, NY. Elise Able is our President and an expert on Fox. She holds New York State, Federal and USDA permits, as well as RVS and humane Nuisance Control licensing. Our Center specializes in the rehabilitation of Fox, Bats, Weasels and Eastern Coyote. Return to the wild is our goal and we achieve an outstanding success rate by remaining private without over-handling and exposure to myriad humans. Contact us at 716-592-1861 or

New York
  New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, Inc. -

Newcomb (Adirondacks)
  Amy Freiman - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. NY State Wildlife Rehab. board member Specialties: birds (but can take small mammals and reptiles). Call (518)582-3655 or E-mail

  Hidden Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation Network - Specialties: mammals, raptors, waterfowl, adult injured songbirds
(no infants please), game birds, black bear cubs. Call (315)695-6418 or E-mail

  Mary Beth Sterling - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Call (315)548-3721 or E-mail

  Jo Arnone and Jaini Simon - licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Specialties: reptiles & amphibians esp. turtles & tortoises, small animals, esp. squirrels and opossums, birds. Call (718)441-9281 or E-mail

  Michele Segerberg - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I work daily with small mammals such as squirrels, cottontails, chipmunks, and opossums. I do have experience with small birds and hawks. Call (518)767-2238 or E-mail

  Hudson Valley Raptor Center - We are a hospital and sanctuary for injured birds of prey. Call (845)758-6957 or E-mail

West Islip
  Wings Over Long Island, Inc - Waterfowl, all other birds; we also accept small mammals. Call (631)667-3952 

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