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North Carolina Wildlife Rehabilitators

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Aberdeen / Sandhills Area
  Dharlene Moore, Wildlife Rehabilitator - I am a licensed rehabber with over 25 years experience. I am well equipped and can handle up to 20 animals depending on age. I primarily take squirrels and cottontails. Will help direct to other rehabbers for other species. Give basic information on how to keep the animal stable until it can be transferred. Call 910-281-3952 or Email :

  Wildlife Care, Inc. - Mammals, birds, reptiles, raptors.
Call 336-431-0947 or E-mail:

  Beth Martin, licensed wildlife rehabilitator - Excellent success with Eastern Cottontails. Call 704-684-1404 or E-mail:

  Sharon Pace, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Small mammals, exotics, lizards. Call 828-254-0218 or E-mail:

Beech Mountain
  Genesis Animal Sanctuary - Medical, networking. Handle 300 animals annually, small mammals, songbirds, raptors. Call 704-387-2979 or E-mail:

Charlotte (SW area, near Tega Cay & Fort Mill, SC )
  Sharon Mobley (member of Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas)- Gray Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Cottontails, Chipmunks, & Opossums. PLEASE do not feed animals before contacting a rehabber as it could kill them! Handle only when necessary, with gloves, and wash hands after each handling. Keep all animals in a dark, quiet location. If it is a baby and its eyes are still closed, line the container with a soft cloth and provide a heat source (a heating pad --set on low-- under half of the container is ideal.) Call (Home) 704-504-5836 or (Mobile) 704-622-1964

  Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas - Opossums. Call 704-599-4782 or E-mail:

  Linda Robertson, IWRC member Call 704-552-6443 or E-mail:

  Terry and Jim Gandy, Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas (ARC) - Mammals only. Call 704-786-7475 or E-mail:

  Piedmont Wildlife Center - Durham, NC. We have both Federal and State permits to take in all native North American wildlife. Experienced wildlife veterinarian, Cheryl Hoggard, DVM, is on staff. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization but any monetary donations are greatly appreciated!!

Do NOT give an animal any food or water unless directed to do so by a staff member and please limit your contact with the animal has to reduce its stress.
Please call before you show up with an animal to verify that it does need to be admitted to the hospital. (919) 572- WILD

  Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Squirrels. Call 910-426-4729 or E-mail:

  Wildlife Care, Inc. - Squirrels and Song Birds (but can help find answers to questions about most animals). Call (336)674-3325 or E-mail:

  Carolina Raptor Center - is dedicated to environmental education and the conservation of birds of prey through public education, the rehabilitation of injured, and orphaned raptors and research. Call (704)875-6521 ext. 111 or E-mail:

Jonas Ridge
  Wildlife Care Center of the Blue Ridge - Songbirds, raptors, mammals, etc. I also do educational programs. Call (704)733-6142 or E-mail:

  Wildlife Welfare, Inc. - Small mammals. Call 919-266-7363 or E-mail:

Lee County & surrounding communities
  Anne Mathis - Raptor Rehabilitation. Federal Permit.
Call (919)776-4596.
Member - Carolina Raptor Center, NWRA, NCFG, Wildlife Rescue Center

  Cheryl Ciccone, North Carolina rehabilitators association - Veterinary technician. Call 828-726-8299 or E-mail:

  Jason Wood, licensed wildlife rehabilitator - Sea turtles, some raptors, songbirds, waterfowl, mammals.
Call 252-473-4587 or E-mail:

  Aleta Whitten, licensed wildlife rehabilitator - Orphaned and injured opossums. Call (336)427-7876 or E-mail:

  Billy and Denise Yale, licensed wildlife rehabilitator - Rabbits and squirrels. Call 336-427-8007 or E-mail:

Morganton (Western NC)
  Seven Springs Rehab Center Small mammals, songbirds and raptors as well as waterfowl.
Call (704)433-6050 or (704)584-8944 or E-mail:

New Bern
  Elizabeth Hanrahan, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Birds-passerines, water & shore birds, raptors & small mammals. Call 919-638-5843 or E-mail:

New Bern
  James E. Trever, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Rehab. of Eastern Gray squirrels and flying squirrels. Developed rapid cure for metabolic bone disease in small mammals 252-466-2902 or E-mail:

Pollocksville (near New Bern)
  Critter Care Veterinary Technician, experience with mammals, birds and raptors Call 919-224-0663 or E-mail:

  Wildlife Welfare, Inc. All species native to North Carolina. Call (919)387-1662 or E-mail:

Snow Camp
  Kindred Spirits Wildlife Center All species native to North Carolina. Call 336-376-8602 or E-mail:

Southern Pines
  Wemouth Nature Preserve Squirrels. Call 910-695-2672 or E-mail:

Topsail Beach
  The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center - sea turtles. Call (910) 328-3377 or E-mail:

  Martin Wildlife Preserve Mammals, songbirds, raptors. Call 336-434-3811 or E-mail:

Union, Mecklenberg, Cabarrus and Onslow Counties
  Carolina Waterfowl Rescue - We accept all waterfowl and wading birds. Will stabilize and transport and/or refer for all birds. Also provides adoption placement services and rescue of feral domestic waterfowl. Please call for limitations. The phone number is a message line. Please leave your information, type of animal and location. Your call will be directed to the nearest rehabilitator in your area.
Call (704) 668-9486 or E-mail:

  Valle-View Wildlife Sanctuary Opossum, small mammals. Available to create video training and education programs for wildlife rehabilitation. Call (828) 963-7269 or E-mail:

Wittier (Jackson County)
  Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - Raptors, region II advisor for National Opossum Society, veterinary technician. Call 828-586-3680 or E-mail:

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