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Texas Wildlife Rehabilitators

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  Timber Creek Veterinary Hospital - Call (806)622-9858 or E-mail

Brazoria and Matagorda Counties
  Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue - Dana Simon Angleton, TX  24-hour Hotline (979)849-0184. (no wildlife emergencies via e-mail)

Austin & surrounding area
  Kim & Ray Johnson - We are a Texas Parks and Wildlife licensed facility with my husband as the on site veterinarian. We have been doing this for over 30 years. We take all species except reptiles. Call Kim or Ray at 512-731-9386 or 512-918-9508 or E-mail

Austin County and surrounding counties:
  Lone Star Wildlife Rescue, Inc. - Specialties: all native TX wildlife especially raptors, waterfowl, wading birds, shore birds, reptiles including endangered/threatened species. Call (281)356-9393 or (979)865-0763 or E-mail

  WildLife Rescue, Inc. - Specialties: squirrels. Call (512)472-WILD or (512)499-8613 or E-mail

  Ed Sones - Permitted and accept all native wildlife. Call (512)259-5698 or E-mail

Austin County
  Lynn - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Call (409)865-8755 or E-mail

Big Bend & Brewster co. area
  Alpine Meadows Wildlife Rehab - West Texas covering the Big bend & Brewster co. area. Specializing in small mammals and deer. Alpine, TX (432)837.1814, E-mail

  Wildlife Rescue of Austin - Tortoise/turtles, deer. Call (512)913-9090 (mobile) or (512)273-9518(home) or E-mail

  Star K Farms - Specialties: baby squirrels (ONLY). Call (281)592-8204 or E-mail

Copper Canyon
  Rabbit Rescue/Rabbit's Rest Sanctuary - Specialties: eastern cottontails, black-tailed jackrabbits. Call (940)241-1242 or E-mail
  Friends of Texas Wildlife-Burroughs Park - raccoons, bats, small mammals, all birds (including raptors). Call (281)351-8022 or E-mail

Dallas-Fort Worth area
  DFW Wildlife Coalition - Specialties: all native TX wildlife including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, cottontail rabbits, armadillos, beavers, bats, bobcats and all species of birds -- raptors, songbirds & waterfowl. Call (972) 234-WILD, send email to or visit  our web site

  Wildcare Inc. - Specialties: raccoons and opossums, stabilize and transport birds (referrals and possible transport on all other species). Call (940)243-0177 or E-mail

  Wildlife Rehab and Education (WR&E) -  Specialties: high risk mammals, all birds. Call (281)337-3683 or E-mail

El Paso
  Chihuahuan Desert Wildlife Rescue, Inc. - Specialties: Providing assistance to injured, sick and abandoned native wildlife. Will also find homes for unwanted exotic pets. Call (915)772-6011 or E-mail

El Paso
  Wildlife Rescue - Specialties: hummingbirds, songbirds. Call (915)857-5530 or E-mail

Ferris (Dallas-Fort Worth area)
  On the Wing Again - Specialties: songbirds and mammals. Call (972)842-2805 or (972)283-5334 or E-mail

  Elaine Peterson Long - TWRC (Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition), WR&E (Wildlife Rehab & Education) Specialties: Songbirds, woodpeckers, swallows, purple martins, wrens, chickadees, titmouse; Native Lagamorphs: Swamp Rabbits and Eastern Cottontails. Call (281)496-6380 or E-mail

  Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition - Accepting all native Texas wildlife Comments: M-Sun 10am to 1 pm and M-F 4:30pm to 7pm. Call (713)468-8972 or E-mail

  Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. - Located near Austin and San Antonio, WRR is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife and to provide sanctuary with dignity to non-releasable and non-native wild animals. We serve ALL native species of birds, mammals and reptiles, including larger predator species. For more information, visit our web site. For help with an animal, call the 24-hour Wildlife Hotline at (830)336-2725.

Lindale (Smith County)
  Beverly Grage - Home rehabilitator. Call (903)882-7480 or E-mail

  Robbi Goodrich - licensed wildlife rehabilitator Specialties: small raptors, squirrels (grey, fox, flying), opossums. Call (903)663-5086 or E-mail

  South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - Call (806)799-2142 or E-mail

Mineral Wells
  Bat World Sanctuary - Specialties: bats only. Call (940) 325-3404.

  Virginia Diana Hogan - Texas State Permitted Rehabilitator. I rehabilitate tree squirrels, fox, greys, and flying squirrels, small mammals, no reptile, no birds, raccoons, no opossum, skunks, I will be rehabilitating deer this spring as well. 20234 South Shore
936-449-5135 hm 24hr, 936-443-1012 cell

  Wildlife Center At Crosstimbers Ranch - State Permitted for all Native Texas Mammal & Non-venomous Reptile Species. Specializing in Bobcats & Armadillos. Please leave a message if we do not answer as we often have our hands full. (972)563-3555

  Brukner Nature Center - Specialties: songbirds and mammals. Call (937)698-6493 or E-mail

  Enchanted Acres Exotic Wildlife Refuge - Specialties: All species of birds, reptiles, and bats. I have been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1988 and have had extensive veterinary hospital experience including exotics. Call (281) 315-3155 or E-mail

Port Aransas
  Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) - Specialties: sea turtle and shorebird rehabilitation. Call (512)749-6793 or E-mail

San Angelo
  Because It's Right Wildlife Rehabilitation - Specialties: raccoons. Call (915)651-4937 or 651-6461 or E-mail

  Lisa Gibson - licensed wildlife rehabilitator Specialties: white-tailed deer, raptors. I have education permit, do programs at schools, scouts, etc. Call (281)516-0739 or E-mail

  Jeff and Martha Ann Traylor - permitted rehabilitators, Specialties: raccoons, opossums, song birds, water birds, raptors. Call (281)351-8022 or E-mail


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