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Virginia Wildlife Rehabilitators

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Blue Ridge
  Wildlife Care Alliance - Raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, opossum, small mammals, and fawns. Call (540)947-2794 or e-mail 

  Wildlife Response Inc. - Squirrels. Call (757)424-3524 or e-mail

  Wildlife Response Inc. - hummingbirds. Call Connie and Wilton Sale (757)482-4796 or e-mail

Clarke, Frederick, Warren and nearby counties
  Blue Ridge Wildlife Center - This center provides veterinary and rehabilitative care to injured and orphaned native animals including mammals, birds of prey, waterfowl and reptiles. Call (540) 837-9000 (anytime) email

  Jo or Johnny Combs - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Opossums, squirrels, deer and raccoons. We rehab all wildlife, serve 5 counties in southwestern Virginia. Call 540-395-2571 or e-mail

Culpeper County
  Eve Wilson - licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Call (540)825-9394 or e-mail

Essex County and surrounding areas
  Pat Chamberlain Wildlife Rehabilitator - Cares for mammals orphaned, injured and ill infants through adult. Cottontails, All Squirrels ( including,Grays, Flyers, Fox) Opossum, Chipmunks, shrews, moles and other small mammals. Member: Wildlife Rescue League (N. VA.), International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, National Opossum Society, Opossum Society of the United States. Will sponsor Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentices. Call 804-443-5599 or e-mail

Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudon, and Prince William
  Bat World NOVA - We rescue and rehab bats and only bats (well, except for the occasional turtle!). We also advise on humane bat exclusion, bat box placement, and Eagle and Girl Scout projects and provide education programs for schools, community events, and organized groups.

If you need help with orphaned, injured, or lost bats please call 703-973-3157. Please do not rely on e-mail as there can be significant delays in e-mail delivery or internet access.

  Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife, Inc. (CPW) - CPW is a non-profit tax exempt organization, which rehabs and rescues injured and orphaned waterfowl, Robin McClary is the Chair-person for CPW and is a Federal licensed waterfowl rehabber. CPW has recently built an aviary for rehabbing waterfowl, and is currently raising funds to build an indoor facility for rehabbing. Call 703-897-0340 or e-mail

Falls Church
  Kent N. Knowles - Wildlife Rescue League of Virginia &
the Raptor Society of Metropolitan Washington. Raptor rehabilitation, handling, and conditioning. Education talks with non-releasable raptors. Falconry techniques with raptors. Call (703)578-4729 or e-mail

Gloucester Pt., VA
  Samantha Calkins Wildlife Rehabilitator - I care for small mammals squirrels, also licensed to rehab raccoons, bats, skunks, fox, and groundhogs. Call anytime for help and keep the baby warm until help is available. cell number (757)237-0728

  Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) - opossum, vultures, and barred owls, others also. Call (703)368-5539 or e-mail


  Alanna Dingus - licensed wildlife rehabilitator, licensed veterinary technician. Deer. Call 540-479-3316 or e-mail


  Lynn Rives, Chesdin Animal Hospital - Veterinary Technician. Raccoons, squirrels. Call (804)861-0706 or e-mail


  Leslie McCasker - Independent licensed wildlife rehabilitator 
Specialties: orphaned raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, and groundhogs. Call (540)338-2133  or e-mail


  Monica Hutchinson
I care for injured/orphaned small mammals, raccoons (infant only), skunks, groundhogs, specialize in opossums, squirrels. Also care for Birds of Prey, waterfowl, and reptiles. No infant songbirds please. Call (276)479-1405 or e-mail


  Robin C. Mc Clary - Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife, Inc., 
Wildlife Rescue League of Northern Virginia. Designed, developed, and implemented a rescue program for Canada Geese. How to recognize seriousness of injuries, how to recognize its mate, capture techniques, and getting parents and goslings off high rise office buildings and relocation to pond safely. Call (703)493-9000 or e-mail


Virginia (central and northern area)
  Wildlife Rescue League -  Call (703)440-0800 or e-mail


Virginia Beach
  Wildlife Response, Inc - Raptors, Piscivores, predatory mammals, rabies vector. Call 757-420-7879 or e-mail


Virginia Beach
  Wildlife Response, Inc - Virginia opossums. Call (757)430-2409 or e-mail


  The Wildlife Center of Virginia - large professionally staffed hospital for native wildlife. Call (540)942-9453 or e-mail


  Blue Ridge Wildlife Center - Belinda Burwell, DVM, Blue Ridge Wildlife Center Veterinary care and rehabilitation for all species of wildlife. Call (540)837-9000 or e-mail


  Fern Wildlife Refuge - Gretl Learned, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. We rehabilitate all wildlife with focus on songbirds, insectivores, small raptors, skunks, grey fox and vultures. 540-888-7949.

  DeerOne Wildlife - opossums. Call (757)242-4307 or (pager) 1-800-706-1323 or e-mail

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