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Houseboat Rental Checklist

The following is a list of items we found useful on our houseboat rental vacation on dale Hollow Lake. Of course each family may need different or additional items depending on the length of stay and number of members on your houseboat. Soft suitcases are great because the are compact when empty and there isn't usually a lot of extra room on a houseboat.

Food & Cooking
 Scrub Pad
 Dish Cloth
 Dish Soap (biodegradable)
 Aluminum Foil
 Garbage Bags

 Salt & Pepper
 Salad Dressing
 Drinks (drinking water, coffee, soda, etc.)

Personal Items
 Life Jackets
 Sun Screen
 Insect Repellant
 Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
 Bath Towels & Washcloth
 Beach Towels
 Soap (bio-degradable)
 Shampoo & Conditioner (bio-degradable)
 Prescription Medications
 Eye Glasses/Contacts
 Sun Glasses
 Pool Floats (water toys)
 First Aid Kit
 Cell Phone
 Portable Radio (CD's and/or tapes)
 Batteries (sizes as needed)

 Fishing Poles
 Fishing Tackle
 Fishing License*
 Bait (worms & Minnows)
 Drop light(s) or floating light(s)

 Light Jacket
 Swim Suit
 Water Shoes
 Rain Jacket

Optional Items
 Camera (film or digital cards)
 Playing Cards/Games
 Good Book
 Video tape(s)
 Snorkeling/Scuba Diving Gear


* Available at the Boat Dock


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