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Buy Bear Pepper Spray

Below are several options of bear spray that can be used to deter bear  attacks.

Keep in mind that bear spray is not only effective against bear attacks, bear spray has also been used successfully in protecting against attacks by other wildlife such as cougars / Mountain lions. And although it is generally not advertised as such, bear spray would easily be a deterrent against aggressive dogs, humans, or pretty much any other threat of attack.

The great thing about bear spray is that it is generally allowed in national parks and other wilderness areas where firearms are prohibited.

Important! Keep your bear spray easily accessible. Bear spray in the bottom of your back pack is useless. Whichever brand of bear spray you choose, remember to read and understand the instruction BEFORE you hit the trail.


A couple of warnings about bear spray is that if you plan on flying be sure to check with your airline about being able to have it in your luggage. Also, the last time we traveled from the USA into Canada Canadian border personnel asked us if we were carrying bear pepper spray. I am not sure if that is still an issue.



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