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Fatal Brown Bear Attacks

The following information is not intended to be scary or anti-bear in any way.

I hope that it will help people appreciate and respect the boundaries required by wild animals.

Brown bears are wild animals and they are dangerous. They can and do kill people.
  1. Glacier National Park, Montana - August 13 1967, Julie Helgeson, 19,
  2. Glacier National Park, Montana - August 13 1967, Michelle Koons, 19,
  3. Glacier National Park, Montana - Fall 1976, 22 year old female drug from tent at Many Glacier Campground.
  4. Glacier National Park, Montana - April 25th 1987, Charles Gibbs, 40, last seen alive following and photographing a female grizzly with cubs, took photos of the female approaching at 50 yards.
  5. Anchorage, Alaska - July 1, 1995, Marcie Trent, 77, and her son, Larry Waldron, 45, were killed by a grizzly bear defending a moose carcass along the McHugh Creek Trail.
  6. Kenai, Alaska - February 8th 1998, Audelio Luis Cortes, 40, was killed while working on a seismic crew in the Swanson River oil field near Kenai. Cortes died from a single head bite.
  7. Glacier National Park, Montana - May 17th 1998, Craig Dahl, 26, last seen alive hiking in the Two Medicine Area. His partially eaten body was found 3 days latter.
  8. Soldonta, Alaska - May 1999, Kenneth Cates, 53, was found Wednesday morning on a trail in a wooded area of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge near his hometown of Soldotna. He died of a single bite to the head.
  9. Uganik Island, Alaska - November 1999, Ned Rasmussen, found two days after he disappeared while on a deer hunting trip.
  10. Hyder, Alaska - July 14th 2000, 41 year old George Tullos partially consumed body was found at the Run Amuck Campground. A 300 pound male bear was killed and Mr. Tullos remains were found in the bear. This was considered a predatory attack which is rare for brown bears.
  11. Katmai National Park, Alaska - October 5th, 2003, Timothy Treadwell, 46 killed while on an annual bear observation and photography trip near Kaflia Bay.
  12. Katmai National Park, Alaska - October 5th, 2003, Amie Huguenard, 37, attacked and killed while on a bear observation and photography trip with Timothy Treadwell near Kaflia Bay.
  13. Canmore, Alberta - June 5 2005, Isabelle Dube, 36, was killed while jogging on a popular hiking trail. She attempted to climb a tree but the bear pulled her from it. The bear had recently been relocated after threatening people in a neighborhood. The 4 year old, 200 pound male bear was later killed by officials.
  14. Arctic NWR, Alaska - June 25 or 26th 2005, Richard (61) and Katherine Huffman, were attacked and killed in their tent while rafting the Hulahula River 12 miles up river from Kaktovik. Appears to be a predatory attack by a healthy male bear, 5-7 years old and approximately 300 pounds.
  15. Bowron River, B.C. - September 20, 2005, Arthur Louie, 60, was attacked and killed by a female grizzly as he was walking back to his mining camp after his car had gotten a flat tire on a rural road. 

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