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Hubbard's Cave

Hubbards Cave, Warren County TennesseeHubbard's Cave is located on a 50 acre class II scientific state natural area in Warren County Tennessee. Hubbard's Cave is located on private property owned by the Nature Conservancy. The natural area is approximately 10 miles southeast of McMinnville Tennessee. The cave is known throughout the world because it serves as a hibernacula for two federally endangered bat species, the Indiana bat (Myostis sodalis), and the gray bat (Myotis grisescens).
Hubbard's Cave is now owned by The Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. All access is prohibited from September 1st through May 15th to protect the hibernating bats.
The entrance to Hubbard's cave was formed by the collapse of the ceiling of a large room. This left the cave with 3 separate entrances in one 50 foot deep sink which were all gated off in 1999 to protect both the bats and cave artifacts from vandals, and to keep people out during the massive bat hibernation here during the winter.

Hubbard's Cave has also been called "Bat Cave" and Heberlin Cave.

Length - 2.5 miles
Depth - 137 feet
Elevation - 1,180'
Latitude - N 35 32'55"
Longitude - W 085 40'10"

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