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Lost Creek Cave

Lost Creek CaveLength - 1.5 miles
Lat - N 35 50'34"
Lon - W 085 21'42.4"

Lost Creek Cave is located in White County Tennessee. The cave is located on private property but the owners have allowed access in the past. Please keep the cave and surrounding area clean. It would even better if each person to visit the cave would pick up at least two pieces of trash.
This is a great cave for cavers of all experience levels. It's short enough that it is virtually impossible to get lost, but large enough to still be interesting. The cave has very few formations but bats can frequently be found hanging around. The cave is very large in respect to it's volume. The main entrance is located at the east end of a sink and is as much as 50' high and 60' wide with the ceiling in some areas of the cave reaching 80'+. The cave is highlighted by a 60' waterfalls outside of the cave and a 40' waterfalls inside the cave.

Lost Creek Cave, White County Tennessee
Lost Creek Cave Entrance with the outside waterfalls visible in the background.

Lost Creek Cave waterfalls
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