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Illinois Game Wardens
Killed In The Line Of Duty

  • G. Earle Eldredge - Game Warden Eldredge was shot and killed near Ringwood, Illinois. February 24, 1907
  • Charles Marcus Eldredge - Inspector Eldredge was shot and killed in McHenry County, Illinois. He was shot with his own weapon, which was also the revolver used to murder his brother, Game Warden Earle Eldredge, 24 years earlier. July 4, 1931
  • Otis John Whan - Inspector Whan drowned when the vehicle he was riding in broke through ice on a lake and sank. January 16, 1951
  • William D. Miller - Inspector Miller was killed in an automobile accident. December 1, 1954
  • John Arthur Fletcher - Inspector Fletcher and Inspector Howard Bunting were killed in an automobile accident. February 17, 1957
  • Howard Bunting - Inspector Bunting and Inspector John Fletcher were killed in an automobile accident. February 17, 1957
  • Robert Elliott - Inspector Elliott was killed in an automobile accident that occurred on U.S. Route 40, four miles west of Marshall. July 15, 1970
  • Eugene Allen - Inspector Allen was at the wheel en route to Jacksonville with fellow Inspector Loring Carr. Inspector Allen was taking Inspector Carr to pick up his state vehicle from a garage where it was being repaired. It was opening day of duck season. At approximately 8:15 a.m. while northbound on Rt. 67 near Murrayville, the vehicle the inspectors were traveling in was hit head-on by another vehicle traveling southbound. Seconds later, a third car struck the two disabled vehicles. Both investigators were pronounced dead at the scene. November 17, 1972
  • Loring Carr - Inspector Carr was killed in an automobile accident. November 17, 1972

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