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Game Wardens Killed In The Line Of Duty

They are known by various names such as Conservation Officers, Game Wardens, Wildlife Enforcement Agent, and Fish Wardens just to name a few. No matter what your state calls them there jobs are all basically the same, to protect our wildlife by enforcing game laws. A job that can be dangerous as the following links will show. There have been at least 231 wildlife officers that have been killed or have died while on duty.

Please e-mail us any additions, photos or related links (see below).

Alabama (7)
Alaska (5)
Arizona (2)
Arkansas (1)
California (13)
Colorado (2)
Connecticut (1)
Delaware (0)
Florida (18)
Georgia (1)
Hawaii (0)
Idaho (4)
Illinois (9)
Indiana (6)
Iowa (2)
Kansas (2)
Kentucky (4)
Louisiana (6)
Maine (15)
Maryland (6)
Massachusetts (0)
Michigan (7)
Minnesota (14)
Mississippi (6)
Missouri (0)
Montana (9)
Nebraska (0)
Nevada (0)
New Hampshire (0)
New Jersey (5)
New Mexico (2)
New York (9)
North Carolina (6)
North Dakota (1)
Ohio (4)
Oklahoma (2)
Oregon (1)
Pennsylvania (5)
Rhode Island (0)
South Carolina (9)
South Dakota (2)
Tennessee (0)
Texas (16)
Utah (2)
Vermont (1)
Virginia (8)
Washington (5)
West Virginia (3)
Wisconsin (13)
Wyoming (5)

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If you have any specific information related to a wildlife officer who was killed in the line of duty please e-mail it to us with any related links, photo(s) you may have. We would eventually like to have an individual page for each of the officers with a photo.
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