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Louisiana Conservation Officer
Killed In The Line Of Duty

The following is a list of Louisiana "Game Wardens" killed in the line of duty. If you know of someone we have missed please let us know.
  • Frank E. Fagot Jr. - died November 29, 1927
  • Kenneth Dale Aycock - drowned July 6, 1991
  • Ricky Dodge - died in an automobile accident January 21, 1992
  • Leon Henderson Jr. - died in an automobile accident March 12, 1996
  • John M. Garlington - drowned while investigating a report of illegal fishing near his home on the Mill Creek Reservoir in Bienville Parish. February 10, 2000
  • Jim Matkin - killed in an automobile accident. March 2, 2005
  • Paul Stuckey - 47, was found shot by a shotgun blast to the chest. His body was discovered by local fishermen at the old ferry landing near the banks of the Mississippi River just outside of St. Francisville


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