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Chocolate Bayou Mud Flats

A Poem by Carl Gerard

Chocolate Bayou Mud Flats

Sitting by the bayou wetting a bait
Corks are out now we must wait
Nibbles come, the cork does bob
Another shrimp the little fish rob

Pull it in re-bait the hook
Cast far to the flat and look
The cork is gone diving fast
Lean back, set the hook at last

Big fish on he's pulling fine
Light tackle fun, the drag does whine
The pole is bent line is tight
Water boils still out of sight

Guessing, betting, what type of fish
Seen them run deep like this and wish
Golden side, big spot on tail
The bull of the Back Bay line don't fail

He's getting close ready to land
My buddy comes up net in hand.
He sees the shore turn, spook and run
Pulling out drag, he's not done

Fight him back, try once more
The battle rages on muscles are sore
Along the edge and up on to the bank
Big beautiful Red the good Lord to thank

For having a chance this day to remember
Thanking my dad for lighting the ember
The love of nature from a spark it grew
Understanding plants and animals too

We all need the other to grow and survive
Back in the water he began to revive
Off he swam I fought not for hunger sake
Keep only what you need and use all that you take

Copyright 2000 Carl Gerard
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