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Commisary Ridge

A Poem by Tracker

Some history first. About 10 years ago I was hunting elk with my old gelding Pete on Commisary Ridge in Wyoming.
Commisary Ridge

Well I was huntin elk,
way back in the timber.
Settin easy in my saddle,
kinda relaxed and limber.

I was tryin to light a smoke,
had my leg wrapped around the horn.
Old Pete started buckin and snortin,
and I cussed the day he was born.

Pete bucked me down hard,
I sat up suckin for wind.
And I sat there a starin,
at where my horse should a been.

What the hell got into him,
it diden't make any sense to me.
Glancing over my shoulder,
I saw that bear walk around a tree!

Now I wasen't to scared,
but I wasen't hangin around.
The last place I wanted to be,
was a settin here on the ground!

I got up and run like hell,
it was goin to be a close race.
The first tree I got to,
was about a foot thick at the base.

Now I climbed up hand over hand,
below me a bunch of black fur.
And I was about half way up,
when in a limb I hung a spur!

Well,Im as high as I can go,
the branches are brittle and thin,
Lookin back down the tree,
that old bears where I'd just been!!

NOW I'm gettin worried,
the bears a glarin up at me.
OH LORD why diden't I pick,
a little bit taller tree.

Up here it a swayin,
and its just my bad luck.
The tree saps wet and sticky,
and in it I got my whiskers stuck!

This is all Petes fault,
and boys Im a cussin him.
He's likly back to camp,
while I'm stuck with bear on a limb.

Well out of the brush,
way down on the ground.
Walked this little black cub,
makin a bawlin sound.

Now Im wishin that old bear,
gets down out of my tree.
And takes her cub and leaves,
and just lets me be.

My lucks gettin better,
the sow she backs down the pine.
Had my legs pulled to my chest,
she's to close to my behind.

The sow and cub they finally left,
they have been gone a little while.
It's goin to be a long walk back to camp, it's close to 7 miles.

But everything turned out all right,
it helps talkin to the Lord!
But when I catch up with that horse,
I'm goin to even up this score!!!!

Copyright 2000 Tracker 
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