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Obed Climbing Routes, Areas & Problems

Lilly Boulder Field - Bouldering Area
Lilly Boulder Field
NO new routes can be established at Obed.

Below is a growing collection of information about climbing areas, routes and bouldering problems in and around Obed River Park near Crossville and Wartburg, Tennessee.

If you are looking for bouldering check out the Lilly Boulder Field.


Please read and understand the Obed Wild & Scenic River Climbing Management Plan. Help to keep this pubic climbing area open, be mindful of vegetation, climbers are causing a visible impact on both the forest floor and the rock faces, park in designated areas ONLY, use designated trails, no new routes, pack out what you pack in, leave no trace.
Below is a list of the different climbing areas in and around Obed River and where to park to access the climbing area. For directions to parking areas check the Obed River Climbing Page.
Obed Climbing Areas Parking Area
Broomwall - Rasputin Ledge  
Image wall  
Lilly Boulder Field Lilly Bluff Parking Area
Lilly Bluff Lilly Bridge or Lilly Bluff
Little Clear  
Middle Clear Creek  
North Clear Creek -  Scorpion W Main Climbing Parking
North Clear Creek - The Inner Main Climbing Parking
Pocket Wall  
Solstice Cave  
South Clear  
Stephen King Library Main Climbing Parking
Y12 Lilly Bluff Parking Area
Below is a selection of favorite climbing routes in and around Obed Wild & Scenic River.
Climbing Routes Area Rating
1554 Little Clear 5.12c
32 feet per second squared Little Clear 5.5
40oz. to Freedom South Clear 5.12c
Action Indirect Tierrany 5.11c
Addiction to Friction South Clear 5.12d
Alchemy South Clear 5.11a
All Business Little Clear 5.12b
Altered States Broomwall - Rasputin Ledge 5.12a
Arachnophobia N. Clear Creek -  Scorpion W 5.10d
Backlash Image wall 5.10a
Barbed Wire and Lingire Y12  
Best Seat In The House South Clear 5.9
Body Count    
Body Hammer    
Boo Yaa South Clear 5.12c
Boogie Man    
Born on the 4th of July Y12 5.13a
Brothers in Arms South Clear 5.10b
Canyon Man    
Centerstone Little Clear 5.13a
Cheap Seats South Clear 5.10a
Christine Stephen King Library 5.10a
Clyde the Mega Dude    
Coco Puffs South Clear 5.7
Comic Relief Direct Image wall 5.8
Comic Relief Left Image wall 5.9
Cornerstone Little Clear 5.12c
Dark Half, The Stephen King Library 5.13a
Dead Air Tierrany 5.11d
Deathblow   5.11b
Deliverance Middle Clear Creek 5.11a
Distance Man   5.12a
Double Feature The Balcony 5.10c
Double Trouble N. Clear Creek - The Inner 5.10a
Druelin' Banjos Y12  
Dude Climbs Like a Lady Solstice Cave 5.6
Dutch Boy Tierrany 5.10b
Electric Sky    
Equinox South Clear 5.12b
Fat Lady Sings The Balcony 5.9
Fit By Fall Little Clear 5.12b
General Admission The Balcony 5.11a
Good to the Last Pop N. Clear Creek - The Inner 5.12c
Gunslinger Stephen King Library 5.11d
Heavy Fuel South Clear 5.11c
Herbivore Y12  
Homeboy Middle Clear Creek 5.12a
Huecool Junior Tierrany 5.10d
Huecool Senior Tierrany 5.13a
Industry Standard Little Clear 5.12b
Indecent Exposure N. Clear Creek - The Inner 5.11b
Inner Circle N. Clear Creek - The Inner 5.12a
It Stephen King Library 5.10a
Ivy league    
Jungle Jane Tierrany 5.12a
Keeper of the Flame N. Clear Creek - The Inner 5.12a
La Familia    
Lifestyles of the Ripped and Heinous Pocket Wall 5.11b
Little Duke Y12  
Lounge Lizard    
Mad Cow South Clear 5.12b
Maximum Overdrive Stephen King Library 5.13a
Maximum Overdrive Face Stephen King Library 5.12b
Misery Stephen King Library 5.13b
Miss Thang    
Natural, The Middle Clear Creek 5.13a
Nose Bleed Section The Balcony 5.10a
Organized Crime    
Pale Face The Balcony 5.11a
Pet Sematary Stephen King Library 5.11a
Pick Pocket Pocket Wall 5.12b
Pit Image wall 5.11b
Plasma Alliance Tierrany 5.12c
Pocketeer, The Pocket Wall 5.11b
Probe, The Tierrany 5.12c
Prophet Image wall 5.11b
Pump Solstice Cave 5.10b
Purple People Eater    
Rage South Clear 5.12c
Rail, The N. Clear Creek - The Inner 5.11d
Rasputin D Scalliwag Broomwall - Rasputin Ledge 5.13b
Revenge of the Whippersnapper South Clear 5.12d
Rocking Chair    
Ronnie Ray Gun Tierrany 5.12d
Roughin Solstice Cave 5.13c
Rover B. Dog Tierrany 5.10a
Rules of Engagement Little Clear 5.12d
Rumors of War    
Salems Lot Stephen King Library 5.11c
Scalded Dog Broomwall - Rasputin Ledge 5.12b
Scary Fingers Middle Clear Creek 5.11b
Shadowhawk Image wall 5.9
Shining, The Stephen King Library 5.12b
Shroom Middle Clear Creek 5.11b
Sky Hook The Balcony 5.8
Soho the happy dog    
Solitary Movement Little Clear 5.13a
Solstice Solstice Cave 5.12a
Spawn Image wall 5.10a
Spider up my crack    
Spooky Moon Y12  
Squeeze Job Stephen King Library 5.12a
Stand, The Stephen King Library 5.12d
Standard Issue Little Clear 5.11d
St. of Aushwitz Little Clear 5.11c
Stagefright The Balcony 5.11b
Super Ego Solstice Cave 5.9
Superfinal Image wall 5.12b
Tales of the Sperm Tierrany 5.11b
Tapeworm Y12  
Thinner Stephen King Library 5.7
Tickets for the Show The Balcony 5.8
Ticks Are For Kids    
Tierrany Tierrany 5.12a
Tool South Clear 5.11c
Tonys Crack N. Clear Creek -  The Inner 5.11c
Trick Photography    
Twilight Solstice Cave 5.13c
Undertow South Clear 5.12a
Valentine South Clear 5.13c
Violator Image wall 5.11b?
Warm Up N. Clear Creek -  Scorpion W 5.10a
Warmup Broomwall - Rasputin Ledge 5.10a
Whatserface Tierrany 5.13a
Wheatward Bound    
Whipper snapper    
World between your legs, The   5.12a

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Lilly Bouldering Area



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