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American Goldfinch

Photo by Todd Ratermann
This Gold Finch is eating Thistle seed from a back yard feeder in Putnam County Tennessee in late July.


Attracting American Goldfinch

The easiest way to attract Goldfinch to your property is with thistle seed. Thistle is a little more expensive than standard "wild bird food", but goldfinch and other small song birds really love it. Thistle is usually fed by a tube feeder or even less expensive a sock like in the photo above.

Another seed they seem to like is black oil sunflower seed. Our feeder for "wild bird food" that contains black oil sunflower gets an occasional goldfinch feeding at it, but our feeder with black oil sunflower seed gets visited regularly by finch.


Species Similar to American Goldfinch Include:
  • Evening Grosbeak
  • Lesser Goldfinch
  • Lawrence's Goldfinch
  • Pine siskin
  • Hooded Warbler



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