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Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow Eggs
Photo Todd Ratermann

The song sparrow eggs and nest pictured above was built in a Geranium hanging basket on our deck. Before we realized the nest was in the plant, we had set the basket out in the rain to get watered. While the basket was moved, the mother came back and couldn't find her nest, but was apparently ready to lay some additional eggs. So, she laid two additional eggs right on the dirt in a different basket. When I moved the basket with the nest back to it's original location on the deck, I noticed the two eggs in the nest. Then when looking in the other baskets, I noticed the other two eggs she had laid on the dirt, so I placed those eggs into the nest with the original two eggs. Later that day I noticed the female song sparrow had returned to the nest and was sitting on the eggs. All four eggs hatched, and we were able to watch the chicks grow and leave the nest.

A few days after they left the nest, we saw 5 song sparrows in our garden gathering food. Three were obviously very young and were probably the birds from our nest.




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