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Golden Jubilee Tomato

You might be a redneck if you incorporate tomato plants into your landscaping. well, we must be, because this year we have 4 tomato plants in our flower bed area. This Golden Jubilee Tomato is one of our four tomato plants.

We started our tomatoes a little later than would probably be normal here in zone 7, but they are growing well. All have some tomatoes on them, but only the cherry tomatoes have had ripe tomatoes so far. 

While putting tomatoes in the flower bed or in the landscaping might seem a little redneck, it's actually a great way get some homegrown vegetables without having to go through all the work associated with a garden. Two or three tomato plants can produce enough fresh tomatoes to keep most families from needing to buy any tomatoes.


Common Name: Golden Jubilee Tomato
Scientific Name:  

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