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Texas Game Wardens
Killed In The Line Of Duty

  • Harry Raymond - was washed away in a hurricane in 1919 while trying to reach the boat RELIANCE with Joe Williams in Aransas Bay to put out more anchors
  • Joe Williams - was washed away in a hurricane in 1919 while trying to reach the boat RELIANCE with Harry Raymond in Aransas Bay to put out more anchors
  • Claude R. Murchison - was patrolling for poaching activities on the King Ranch in 1938, when he was murdered by a poacher near the site currently known as Murchison Lake. The lake is near the county line between Kleberg and Jim Wells counties. The murderer fled into Mexico and was never brought to trial.
  • R.M. Wynne - Was killed in a car accident near Amarillo in 1948
  • Gus Engeling - A warden and a biologist, Engeling was murdered by a duck poacher in Anderson County in 1951 near the current site of the Wildlife Management Area which bears his name. The poacher was apprehended, convicted of murder and executed in the electric chair.
  • Claude Keller - Was killed in a plane crash in 1956 while patrolling the Laguna Madre for illegal netting activities.
  • J.D. Murphree - Was murdered by a duck poacher in Jasper County in 1963. The murderer was apprehended, convicted of manslaughter and given a prison term.
  • Joe Evans - Was killed in a car accident while patrolling in Young County in 1965.
  • Lloyd Gustin - Drowned on Somerville Lake in 1968 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers boat he was riding in capsized and sank.
  • Ronnie Germany - Was murdered by a poacher in San Augustine County in 1973 while patrolling a remote river bottom area. The poacher was caught, convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to prison.
  • James Daughtrey - Was killed in a head-on collision with suspected night hunters while patrolling near the Nueces River in McMullen County in 1978.
  • Barry Decker and Bruce Hill - Both officers drowned while on patrol on Lake Murvaul in Panola County in 1990.
  • Michael Charles Pauling - 47, Texas Game Warden killed while attempting to help woman in a domestic violence incident on the side of the highway. August 2 2001.
  • Wesley Wagstaff - 40, Texas Game Warden was killed in an auto accident while responding to a call about a possible poacher. August 5, 2003
  • Justin Hurst - 34, Texas Game Warden killed after a high-speed chase of a suspected poacher ended in a shoot out. Both Mr. Hurst and the suspected poacher, James Freeman were wounded by gun fire. March 17, 2007
  • Teyran "Ty" Patterson - 28, Texas Game Warden died in the line of duty during a search-and-rescue operation on the Paluxy River. Patterson apparently drowned after his boat capsized in floodwaters on May 30, 2007.
  • George Whatley - Game Warden, 45, died October 10, 2008, following a training exercise. Whatley was participating in a physical agility test along with 10 other West Texas wardens when he was stricken.


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