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Ranger Robert Mahn, Jr
Yellowstone National Park

On Monday, January 17th, Robert Ernst Mahn, Jr., 51, the park's East Area ranger, left the east entrance on a snowmobile patrol west toward Sylvan Pass. About five miles north and west of the entrance, Mahn went off the road and down a 40- to 70-foot embankment. A fellow ranger looking for him about an hour later found him under his snowmobile and summoned assistance.
Responding personnel, including his wife, Grace Nutting, conducted CPR on him during the evacuation and ambulance trip, but were unable to revive him. The accident occurred during a period of low visibility due to high winds and blowing snow, and park investigators believe he may have struck a low-hanging tree branch. Mahn joined the Service in 1973 and worked at National Capital Parks, Canyonlands and Golden Spike before going to Yellowstone in 1976. He'd been the East Area ranger since 1982.

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